Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We came, We saw, We collapsed

Disney World is an odd place to gather round with shelter workers to talk about pit bulls, but it's a Small World after all, so what the hec? - Bring it on. This year's HSUS Expo in Orlando FL was as otherworldly as one can expect. The convention center conveniently blocked any cell phone reception and Internet access, so you're essentially forced to give in to the scene and make nice with the pet stain remover lady who really really really wants you to try her product. Yay trade shows!

Our 'product' hung on banners on our booth walls and I don't mind saying how proud we were to have our dogs flashing their big-fat smiles at everyone who walked by. We shared a 'double wide' with Animal Farm Foundation and never stopped talking with the endless parade of people. I think we dreamt about talking once the lights went out. EVERYone wants to talk about pit bulls -- or, I should say, everyone who actually works with pit bulls wants to talk about pit bulls. The suits tend to steer clear, but it's only a matter of time. You know what they say.

Big thanks to all the people who piled in to hear our presentation. I didn't expect you to cheer when the slide came up showing the Vick dogs in their foster people's arms and I nearly choked up into an ugly-cry when you did. Caught myself tho' - Whew.

Combined with AFF, we gave away pounds and pounds of stuff. Some 200 magnets, 2000 Vick Dog trading cards (thank you Nicole), 500 Pit Bull Placebo books, hundreds of hand-outs, stacks of CDs with our materials, and finally, 500 posters ... Many were signed by Cooper, who drew fans like pit bulls rush to weed wackers.


Some stuff for you: Our new posters are online in case you need some positive imagery and healthy messaging for your cinder block walls. If you aren't a shelter, buy one or two anyway and have them delivered to your favorite ACO. We aren't marking these up, so hopefully they'll be affordable enough to get some mileage out there. ---> Getyer POSTERS

And finally, this little post-expo article was a good reminder why Mickey's madness is worth enduring. We look forward to next year (in Vegas - Woot!) and some more of that crazy non-stop talk.


Boris said...

Hey Gang,
Hope you took the opportunity to "... wish upon a star ..."

Interesting to note the background of Pluto, Mickey's faithful pet dog:

in relation to the TPBP book. "... Pluto made his debut as a bloodhound ... 1930. It appears that with the magic of dreams, Disney and hard work, images can be changed.

Just got back from the Cleveland area where a suburb Lakewood is following Garfield Hts. in proposing strong anti-breed legislation.

Thank Dog for rainbows in the dark-cold-rain. Sunday, I gave a big Tx-Howdy to a beautiful black APBT walking along slack lead at his owners side along the Canal Tow-Path National Park Trail. They enjoyed the brief sun appearance along with bikers, joggers and other dog walkers in true CGC style. (Boris while he remind me of you in body-style, your head is still bigger).

You "Disney World Travelers" need a rest to renew your voice, but it is good to see your fingers tapping again.

Boris' OEL

Pip said...

What a nice article. Too bad some of the comments in the attached forum were so uninformed and discouraging. I honestly don't understand how anyone who has lived with any type of dog can buy into breed sterotyping. Dogs are always so keen to point out that they're individuals...

Anonymous said...

What a great site, I'm glad to have found you. I'll keep coming back. My Pit is my best friend!

Kirsten said...

The convention sounded like a succesful mission-- glad to hear. :)
I'm also glad to hear The Pit Bull Placebo is finding its way into more hands. People can definitely be stubborn about relinquishing long-held stereotypes, but the combination of BR PR and that book should open a few minds.