Friday, June 20, 2008

Uba-licious: Go Home

The story of Uba, our menacing little friend, as told by the media.

1. We first met him in this CNN video, back when he was known as #32 and stacked in a dirty kennel above Hector (#44) in VA.
2. The NY Times met Uba and invented a new label for him: Menacing Dog ....hmph.
3. The NY Daily News went a step futher and speculated that Uba could chew your fingers off....Yeah, baby! Trained to be Killers
4. Fast forward to now. The East Bay Monthly's June edition gives us the full scoop - minus the trash talk & speculation - including word from Uba's very happy new family. ---- Thank you Elizabeth Kennedy!

Home For Good
We're so pleased to announce another Vick dog adoption. Uba is as special today as when he first grabbed our hearts in those early photos. Many thanks to Letti and partner Jamel for your refreshing "no big deal" attitude, and for making him a permanent part of your extended critter family.

NOTE BELOW: All 10 fingers accounted for.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing story, and there are so many of them for Bad Rap. Donna & Tim and the many, many volunteers who have come together to make a difference in the lives of pit bulls - there will be a special place in heaven for you. Great job.

Boris' Mom, Patty

Anonymous said...

The video of the dogs in the kennels still brings tears to my eyes...the look of hope, the wagging tail, the level of composure the dogs show given the situations they've found themselves in....speaks volumes to what these dogs are all about.

They only had numbers assigned to identify them, but we've all come to know and love them as Jonny, Uba, Hector, Stella, Lil Red and all the rest. Thank you to everyone who has done so much to help these worthy souls find peace, happiness and family.

Please keep up the fight to educate the public about the breed, their care and the insanity of BSL. A world without loving pit bulls would be a very sad and lonely place indeed.

Donna said...

Stella was my very favoritel, now in Monterey! I hope she's doing well and making a name for herself. What a lovely little weasel she is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna:

I met Stella at an SPCA of Monterey County breakfast last month. She is larger than life: sweet, kissy, wiggly, happy....she exemplifies the very, very best of the breed. I just love her (well, honestly, I haven't met a pet bull yet that I don't love).

Lil Red is a great little guy too.... He has been working with my dog-reactive girl, Bunny, to teach her how to act politely. He's just the most happy-go-lucky guy you'd ever want to meet....

Thanks to everyone who helped these deserving dogs to get a second chance! I so do appreciate all of your efforts! The success stories of the Vicktory dogs has done so much good for all pit bulls everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Seeing all the media featuring Uba's image as an example of a scary pit bull is quite sobering. When we first saw the pictures of Uba and Hector, and all the other pups, Donna and Tim were on their way to Virginia to start the evaluations of the dogs and Jamel and I had just offered a foster spot for a young male, if any were suitable for fostering. Uba's eyes spoke to us then, and it is amazing to look back and know that it was just the beginning of our relationship with the little guy.

The juxtaposition of Uba in custody, portrayed as menacing and dangerous, is ridiculous when you know him. Those initial images are so at odds with the dog who does pre-diner happy dances, who stands on his back legs to peer out of the window to see his beloved tennis balls in the yard, who stalks flies with our cats, and who just today has decided that stealing shampoo bottles out of the shower is super fun.

I feel so honored to have been entrusted with this amazing little dog. He is proof that big things really can come in tiny packages.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Uba,

Yes, you can, Yes, you can !!

Much love and happiness to you and your wonderful new family!!!

Bad Rap crew, you always offer such hope and inspiration, what a great story---------------W

Kirsten said...

What a happy ending/beginning for adorable little Uba. I always thought his foster home looked like a perfect fit; he looks so utterly content in all his photos. Yay, Uba and family!

Anonymous said...

They look so natutal together.
Bravo Letti and Uba !

Anonymous said...

"Fingers could get chewed off. A face could get spewed with dog saliva." Woo hoo! Go Uba!!! May you baptize many more faces with doggy slobber.