Saturday, June 21, 2008

Educate Educate Educate

Losing sleep over media headlines and oppressive heat waves has its advantages. In digging around the
Net, it seems that Responsible Owner materials offered in Spanish are either hard to find or sorta preachy, so I updated our Great Owners = Great Dogs poster in hopes that it helps makes a difference to somebody. The blurb
in red reads:

Important! Dogs
that live on chains can become frustrated and dangerous. Do not allow children near dogs that live on chains.

A rather tepid warning perhaps, considering the Texas sized tragedy suffered last week. Please, rev up your printer and use this poster to educate. Get the letter page sized PDF here and mass produce it at Kinko's. Or order the larger 11x17 version here. Send a few to every animal shelter, school, library, day care, etc you can think of - Wherever dog owners with children might get their hands on it. Hec, send it to the media along with this print out. Maybe they'd do something brilliant, like, uhh -- educate.

(By the way, great hand out from HSUS. I have to guess that Adam Goldfarb had something to do with writing that.)

The updated English version of Great Owners will be available shortly. If you'd like this in a large 30x44 sized vinyl banner with grommets, please let me know and we'll help you get one for about fifty bucks.


Anonymous said...

This is more great information. I have my printer going here in MI.

Thanks again for such an awesome site. It is kind of sick how often I check it!!

Dearborn MI

Anonymous said...

My husband is a middle grades teacher in a primarily Hispanic community here in SoCal. He just started summer break, but I know he would be happy to post one of these in his classroom after the break is over.
One of our beloved gang was found as a six week old stray walking across a busy street in front of the school. Jeff often has conversations with the kids regarding basic pet ownership responsibility. Thanks for the great resource!

Windy and the pittie grrrls.

The Foster Lady said...

Thanks so much Donna. Philly Paws is right next to our Latino community so I will be sure to print these out and put them in our adoption room along with the other Monster Myths, Pros and Cons, etc, etc, etc. It might help me with my Spanish!


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for other materials in Spanish, The HSUS Pets for Life program has a number of pages available. Go to and click on the link that says "habla Espanol."

The materials aren't aimed at promoting responsible ownership, but they can help dog owners who are responsible or who want to be more responsible to address some very common behavior problems with their pets.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Donna! I volunteer at an animal shelter in an urban area of New Jersey. I'm going to printout copies both in English and Spanish and hand them out at adoption events. If it makes a difference in the life of even one child and one dog, it's toner well spent.

Thanks for all you do!

Donna said...

It's good to know that there are educators out there. Let us know if have a 'wish list' for specific materials or themes for our Macs that never rest.

And, hang in there Dina!! I'm glad that you're still banging away on the larger than life projects in Philly.