Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fluff that Storyline!

The same story of a child "attacked" in West Seattle as told by an, ahem, committed storyteller...
Plumbers Save Child!

And, as told by the police who responded...
Plumbers Save Shoelaces!

Sigh. Pick your reality, I guess.

Interesting information in Article II illustrating how popular pit bulls are becoming in urban areas. They're the number one breed in Oakland, and they were the third most common dog in SF back in 2005. Considering only 10% of homes tend to license, we're looking at pit bulls as one of America's most popular pets.


Anonymous said...

Danger,Danger. Alert the media !
Only buy shoes with velcro! A new proven fact. PitBulls are known to be agressive towards shoelaces.

The media is telling fibs again. Circulation must be down.


HELP FIDO said...

OMG - hi-larious.
Hope those plumbers are around next time I am being relentlessly persued by my mean vicous thuggy pibbles!