Thursday, June 05, 2008

Angry White Chick Thug

Watch out! Hell hath no fury like a white chick whose pups are dissed by Ingrid. This girl is flexin! Better keep her incognito....

Nurse thug with 2 pit mixes
and a mortgage!

Yo, yo grad school gangstas,
I'm a bad rappin' fool.
I adopt and rescue pitties
'cause it makes me look cool!

Educated, white, upper middle-class,
drive a station wagon - don't you give me no sass!
Married, got a job, pay my taxes on time,
Yet I choose these gangsta dogs, 'cuz their love is sublime.

Sweet, smart, athletic, and funny to boot;
watching playful pit bull antics is a real hoot!
Friendly and inquisitive, they always keep me guessin.'
Each moment spent with happy pitties I consider a blessin.'

So back the hell off, you punk-ass PETA prick!
Your idea of 'helping' my kind just makes me sick.
You spew your rhetoric of enlightened humanity,
but all you really wanna do is take my dogs from me!

Right now my pittie girls are nappin', curled up in my bed,
and somehow you want everyone to believe they'd be better off dead?
Well, I got news for you homie - know this to be true:
If you try messin' wit' my girlies, I'm comin' after you.

Windy and the pittie grrrls



Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

'rap on sista thug!

Anonymous said...

who's doing the video?

Anonymous said...

Hooray Windy! We applaud your prose - we could not have said it any better! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Trinity , Brutus and Shaft say: "Yo baby ,Yo Baby , Yo baby , Yo" ..keeping it real and telling em like it is thats gangsta!!!! Glad to call you one of our peeps....WOOF WOOF!!

Anonymous said...

I guess you told PETA. You go, Girl!

Thugs R Us,
Cornelia & Jim
PB's Misty & Buddy
Lodi, CA

Unknown said...

former and future pitty owner, I have to say I am amazed, well maybe not amazed by PETA.
I am a cowgirl, okay I am a horse owner, and I have to say my deceased pitty was incredible not only with my ponies but also with my kids, chickens and cats. Amazing how a dog who was suppose to be so aggresive, loved and cleaned all my animals if they allowed her. Heck my rescued blue heeler, killed all but one chicken. My pitty never did. My blue heeler was super dog aggressive when I got him, my pitty's idea of aggression was to play bow.
I will again own another pit bull. My first was my first true encounter with the breed and she created a love I will never lose!

Anonymous said...

Thanks PETA! As a middle-aged, middle-class, overweight white girl, I didn't think I'd ever have street cred. Little did I know that by going to the shelter and adopting my pit-mix, I'd become a thug. Now I just have to work on saying "Homie" without sounding like an idiot.

MMOWGs Represent!!


Anonymous said...

Yo this is Rap Sista Windy-
thanks for all the great feedback, guys! I love hearing from other responsible pit-rescuing "thuggas" who don't exactly fit the ugly stereotype attributed to us by the ill-informed. I hope we all continue to represent the real pit bull fans and each positive interaction our bullies have with the public is a step in the right direction. PLEASE keep training your happy, healthy, and socially well-adjusted pitties and EDUCATE people every chance you get!
If you'd like to see my grrlies, please go to:

Anonymous said...

You go Super Thug! Nice to see you didn't go with the "PG" version of your rap- This ain't no Disney channel, yo!

Thanks for all you do and who you are Windy!

Much Love- Bella's adoptive Mommy- White Chick owner of two fab pitties/ pittie mixes!- happy to be a member of Windy's version of "Thug-land"