Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Yorkie Man Jonny

What's former Vick dog 'Jonny Justice' doing in NYC? We can't say, but it's going to be a great reason to stay home and watch television in two weeks. (We'll holler out the who/what/where/when announcement the second we get the green light.)

Rebecca Huss

One of the biggest heroes in the Vick case was the court appointed Special Master Guardian Attorney Rebecca Huss. Finally, a great interview where she talks candidly about the case. We at BAD RAP so *heart* this lady.

Humane Society of Missouri - 'A Future for Former Fighters'

We're lovin' the beautiful photos and encouraging quotes in this piece about giving pit bull victims a chance. Beautifully written by Jennifer Hayes for Best Friends Network.

Mama dog photo provided courtesy of Debbie Hill of the Humane Society of Missouri.


No BSL said...

I don`t even know what to say anymore?
But I`ll try.
It`s amazing,incredible.
My dog Jonny looks good.
Kudos to Missouri.
Sending them a donation for their Pit Bulls.
You people are costing me a fortune but that`s ok.
I hope Hillsborough gets set up like Missouri.
You can donate online to Missouri.
Best Friends article is great.
Interview with Rebecca Huss.

Anonymous said...

Special Valentine's ladies from IL, Dr. Hayes and MO, MaMa Cleo capture our heart with their pit-bull size dedication and compassion. Be APBT proud when you hear the professor and get tissues handy before reading Ms. Hayes. (LOL, imagining that lilac big-chest little-butt puppy of Cleo's is like a baby BHB.)

Those studs on broadway (TR & JJ) must have turned some NYC girls' heads. Yet for this household, Titus is shootin' Cupid's arrows. We hope the BFN article finds that Ol'man a '$ugar-Lady' with squeaky voice and a soft lap, soon. (Some smart Madison Ave. dude should realize that Ms. Hill's photo of Titus's classic pose could sell a lot of Victrola's.)

Boris' Family

Anonymous said...

Okay BAD RAP, you're now the globe trotting, bi-coastal jet setters of the bully world! LOL!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

That little Johnny is so adorable. I hope he's enjoying the big city! I love how he's checking out that horse.

And go Humane Society of Missouri! Good for them for giving those dogs a chance.

Jenifer said...

Johnny is ADORABLE!

As an attorney myself, Rebecca Huss is my hero!!!!!
She is so

YEAH! for Missouri, they are an inspiration as well~

No BSL said...

I think I may know what the NYC visit is about.
I`m not going to spoil the surprise with my guess(psychic vision) but that`s INSANE if I`m right!!!

Donna said...

You may be right, Mac'sGang --- at least in the part that the visit was/is insanely good for pit bulls!

2beemo said...

*hugs* to Ms. Huss!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Rebecca Huss - she was bold and courageous enough to use a marketing piece for Valpo Uni's law school as a recruitment tool for this fine school, AND a platform for our cause! She spoke with conviction and courage about her work on the Vick case, while taking advantage of a perfect opportunity to speak out against BSL!! Go Rebecca and thanks to you for trusting Donna and Tim and our wonderful friends at BADRAP!! I'm hoping you attract a bundle of law students who share your passion!

Marie & Nelson