Thursday, February 28, 2008


A wonderful little video piece from one of the many people who lost sleep last summer over the Vick case. Upbeat is an understatement. Thank you, Dane -- This one still gives me chills. CELEBRATE!

And we have to give four paw high fives to this video outlining an important education program in Chicago designed to curb dog fighting. Even though the HSUS misfired in a big way with the Vick case, we're so happy to see them $upport this program. Big kudos to the Chicago Canine Academy for your good work.

This is a repeat, but everyone needs to keep this video on hand as a cure for what ails you. The music is enough to revive the soul. Jonny Justice Thanks again!


No BSL said...

I needed a boost and I just got it watching these videos.
My heart is bursting with joy right now.

Jenifer said...

What a lovely video! My mom started singing along~

Kirsten said...

Agreed! Talk about uplifting.
It's really good to hear about these things...

Chicago really does seem like ground zero of dog fighting. A while ago a letter was posted on the net from a dedicated Chicago cop (Sergeant Steve Brownstein), that stuck with me. He asked a classroom of fifth and sixth graders who among them had seen a dog fight, and the entire class raised their hands. His recounting of a little boy's description of a dog fight sure got the tears flowing here.

So I was so happy to see all those good people working with their community in positive way, including and especially the guys training, and having fun with their dogs in the classes. IT'S SO COOL and this just goes to show, that sometimes the best change happens where it's needed most.

Anonymous said...

We just want to celebrate ... another day of GIVING .. people educating, inspiring each other and their pets.

Maybe you can't put your faith in all people. However the vid's show those who rescue the lost souls have found it expand the room in their hearts. By giving structure, care and nurture to the helpless, one opens ups up to even MORE caring and loving. What a lesson to learn and to share ... experience life by re-awakening it others!

Chicago Bull's have a new meaning ... We sent this up to Phil ('Buck's step-brother' as we call him)in Chicago. Hopefully it will warm him up after this icey winter.

Yes, the sun is shining down on Pit Bulls and their care givers everywhere.

Boris' Family

Anonymous said...

Wow Donna, thanks for mentioning my video in your blog. It was a joy to make and expressed the happiness I felt at the outcome of the Vick case, a case that I can say truly sent my life in a whole new direction. If it touched you then it truly achieved it's purpose. :)

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if some of these videos could be used in the waiting room of places like or any of the many shelters around the US that are packed with pitbulls on death row. We have a big screen TV in our waiting have a captive audience, waiting to surrender a dog or pick up a dog or meds, etc.


Anonymous said...

Good god, woman. You've earned your weight in gold.....yet again! What a godsend you are to all these sweeties! Thanks so much for sharing the vids with us! Lots of bully love, Nelson and Marie

Anonymous said...

Donna, someone just sent me the following message on You Tube:
"Hi, I've just finished a research paper on the feasability of rehabbing rescued fighting dogs and now I have to make a presentation. Your video "Celebrate" would be the perfect way to end. I am writing to ask for your permission to use it. It would be shown to a class of 8 students and 1 professor at Columbus State Comm college, It will not be used for anything else. If you give me permission to use it would you please email the file to me at ?"
What jumps out at me is...someone is writing a paper about this, rehabbing fighting dogs! Truly amazing - how does it feel to be a trail blazer?

Donna said...
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Donna said...

Nice! I bet no one's going to fall asleep in that class.

I don't think we're doing any trail blazing as far taking fighting dogs in, but it sure feels good to be ableto help them get the love & attention they deserve.

Thanks for your contributions, Dane!