Sunday, February 10, 2008

Modern Day Miracles

It’s being called a miracle. Dog owners all over the globe are reporting a strange phenomena that started this weekend as pets dropped their prize chew toys to stare with rapt attention at the People Magazine’s article on the Vick dogs.

While some suggest that dogs only like to look at the pictures, others theorize that they may actually be reading. Pit bulls especially have been reported breaking into zoomies following each viewing. What does it all mean? More to come as Utah dog psychologists begin to study this compelling behavior.

Above: BR alum Boris and Sister Sheena study the article in their Texas home. Good to see that their human, Patty, is still resisting.

In Other News

We're pleased as punch with FOX anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle's (right) interview about the rescued Vick dogs – namely, her warm acknowledgment of Jonny Justice.

Is it any coincidence that this interview came from the ex-wife of SF Mayor Newsom, the same guy who suggested banning pit bulls back in 2005? One has to wonder. Either way, we’re grateful to Kimberly for helping Fox News viewers meet this little Myth Buster.

See Jonny Justice on FOX News

Finally, during a long & busy week of Pit Ed Camp (photos to come), I was thrilled to fall home and catch a vicarious Cajun buzz from Ken Foster’s video of a pit bull party (!) at the Sound Café in New Orleans. This hoppin' dawg bash came together to celebrate the launch of his new book. Lookit those happy dogs...I soooo wish we coulda been there. Congrats, Ken!


No BSL said...

I don`t know if it`s just me but the SF Newsom and the Jonny on Fox News links don`t work at my end.It might just be me.

That photo up top is priceless.

I`m starting to have Asthma attacks over all this.

That`s how excited I am!
Is this unbelievable or what?
I have chills as I`m reading these stories.

I hope the main stream media doesn`t feel too foolish.

I`m willing to give them another chance if they learn from this.

Donna said...

Try again MG.

Or, try another browser (?) Works on Safari on my end.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because it's 8 degrees here, but I can't view it with Firefox either. Bummer....perhaps when it warms up (15) later today, I will be able to view. LOL!


Anonymous said...

I went to
then entered johnny justice in the search box

I was able to watch the interview then.

Excellent work Tim and Donna. Thank you and all the members of Bad Rap.

You inspire me daily

Donna said...

Yahoo, huh? Nice problem solving. If anyone knows how to get this piece onto YouTube, I'd be grateful. It's a good one.

Watch for another FOX interview late week with Nicole Rattay talking about her role preventing kennel stress during those final weeks. I'll post the date/time once it's confirmed.

We're all so happy that the media hasn't tired of the dogs yet.

Anonymous said...

I love Jonny Justice so I was determined--I went to directly, searched Vick Dogs under the video tab and it came up right away.

I've never been into celebrity worship but Jonny Justice is now my computer wallpaper and I watch his youtube video every day. I cannot get enough and my dog and boyfriend are jealous. I even ordered the "Out for Justice" t-shirt from the Bad Rap store because the slogan reminds me of Jonny.

Thanks again Bad Rap!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I haven't figure out how to get it onto YouTube, but the link above has a is really

Great video. Now I've had my fix for the day, I can go back to being under the covers with my pibbles and praying for warmer weather.


Anonymous said...

That was too funny about the dogs reading People - I don't know how you manage to put these blogs tohether all the time and have them always be so well written. But we all know them pits is just a big bunch of hams - they LOVE reading about themselves!

No BSL said...

I`m in love again!!
I just saw Jonny on Fox.
Can I have him?

No BSL said...

Getting video on YouTube
I was checking checking that.
If Fox has the copyright you can`t, unless you get permission from them.
YouTube says they will remove all copyrighted material when notified.
Stations must be watching for copyright infringement.

I know I was told to yank a clip off my blog and I even tried to license it and they still said NO.

I wonder if Canadian copyright applies in the US?

The clip is of Attorney General Michael Bryant(Ontario) picking the wrong dog out of a gallery of 24 Pure Breeds.
He`s the guy that introduced the ban.
I have the clip so if anyone in the US happens to know away around that copyright,I could send it to them.
I can send it out for home viewing ONLY is what I`ve been told.
In Ontario we thought it might be a good idea if the fella that was banning them could actually identify one, but maybe that`s asking too much.
This clip really should be shown.

2beemo said...

Positive pitbull press absolutely makes my day! :) Thank you, BAD RAP, for helping these dogs and showing the world how wonderful they are.

Jenifer said...

Yeah :)
I picked up People last night :)
Its so fabulous! Donna and Tim look so kind and wonderful~ and the dogs, of course, beautiful!!!!!

I think its exciting :)

No BSL said...

I`m here to beg on behalf of Ontario Pit Bulls
It won`t cost you a cent.

I`ll be showing my financial support.

I`m also here to beg for help and it won`t cost you a cent.

A wonderful family is donating 10 cents per comment (on this video)
to the Ontario Legal Challenge

It`s a violin recital.
You don`t have to watch.
You just have to comment.

The little girl owns a "Substantially Similar" Ontario "Pit Bull"


Anonymous said...

That Ken Foster piece is FANTASTIC! Thanks for posting the link, I wouldn't have found it otherwise but now I'm forwarding it to everyone I know.

therapupRo said...

Thanks so much for the positive message in the media (finally:-)) and all the work you do. The past should not dictate anyones future. These dogs triumphs and your love and commitment are so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Gee, I wonder if Geraldo was watching, or he reads People Magazine.

Cornelia & Bullies Misty & Buddy
Lodi, CA