Monday, February 18, 2008

Laptop Go Boom

Why do dogs decide to trip us and send sacred laptops sailing just when we need them most?
Definitely the Trickster at work.

So needless to say, I've taken over Tim's computer, but am painfully behind on updating BR's website including and especially our Available Page. This is a good time to announce a new addition to Pit Bull Hall *snort* ------->.

Tyson is a teeny tiny blue senior Staffy Bull that somehow ended up in trouble and then with the good folks at Oakland Animal Services (OAS has a great little blog,btw - Check it out.)

Tyson was identified as a Pit Bull Hall dog during evaluation practice of Pit Ed Camp, a week-long intensive where folks from around the country come to study up on ways to create viable pit bull adoption programs. We love these camps and the people who attend them. The February camp attracted shelter professionals from Michigan Humane Society --- (Yes, it's time to put your hands up for Detroit again. Heh), from Capital Area Humane Society (Reps Kelly and Stephanie shown in pic), the Jacksonville Humane Society (They're still recovering from the tragic fire that killed over 200 animals), Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe and finally, a rep from our Partner in Shelter Services, Animal Farm Foundation. All good people with a renewed commitment to help the pit bulls in their communities.

We were so happy that Michigan Humane's own Stella Polari was able to be reunited with MHS staff during the training class portion of camp. Shown here with MHS's head trainer, CJ Bentley (who went to High School with Tim, btw - Small world!)

If you know of a motivated shelter worker whose pit bulls would benefit from Pit Ed Camp, please send them our way. Even better if they don't like pit bulls!

Back to Tyson. This tyke is a hilariously funny little alien beast who sings, chortles, purrs and demands to be loved. We're not as familiar with staffy bulls since their breeders tend to be more cautious and their dogs don't typically end up orphaned, but this year has been a bonanza. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club has informed us that Michael Vick was shopping SBs to add to his collection. OUCH. So - in case you didn't already guess - Jonny and maybe even a few of our other Vick dogs may be all or part Staffy Bull. If Michael Vick's House of Horrors isn't reminder enough, breeders - PLEASE - screen your friggin' clients and know where you're sending your breeding stock! Your dogs and your breed's future are depending on you.

Speaking of you-know-who, this little displaced staffy bull is sleeping soundly on the sofa of a famous NYC celebrity. Any guesses? Stay dialed in - We look forward to spilling the beans.


We'll be chatting with Kim Bloomer, VND and Jan Cooper on The Dog View Radio Show this Thursday, Feb 21 at 2:30 EST. Please listen in -- it should be fun!


No BSL said...

Does the celebrity have a very well known TV show?
If so I`m about to suffer from a cardiac incident.
I haven`t checked out the links yet but I`m going to do later.

Donna said...

That would be an affirmative, Mac'sGang.

Stay healthy - No cardiac incidents allowed!

Anonymous said...

It's got to be The Donald - if so, what a scream!! Can't wait to hear to scoop!


Anonymous said...

Does this famous celebrity already have an APBT? Ceom on...we need more hints!


No BSL said...

Are we allowed to name names or does that constitute spoiling the surprise?
Because I have a daytime name and a nighttime name.

Either one would be insanely good!
I was up at 2 am(my time) checking this blog.

Meredith said...

Ooh - I vote nighttime! And my person is a known APBT fanatic. ;)

That Staffy sure is comically adorable!

Anonymous said...

I'm justing going to go and guess outloud what some others might already be thinking....

Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" as he is well-known for having two of his own pit bulls and for the clear outrage he displayed when the Vick story first broke.

No need to confirm or deny yet. Please let us all keep guessing.


2beemo said...

I have a hunch that Jonny's tummy is saying "yummo" or "delish" right about now.... :)

Anonymous said...

Donna, you can't post this - "Back to Tyson. This tyke is a hilariously funny little alien beast who sings, chortles, purrs and demands to be loved" - without video!!

Can't wait to hear about Jonny's new celeb friend. Does the name start with a J and end in a -on Stewart?

Anonymous said...

Rachel Ray

Jenifer said...

I LOVE that Jonny is making it big-time... I know that all the dogs are special, but with the name Jonny Justice he really represents the Vick dogs to me :)

I cant wait to see him :)

OHhhh! tyson looks like such a sweetie~~~ What make a senior? How Old? He looks like a baby to me ~

PS~ Sorry about the laptop incident! I can totally empathize~

Jenifer said...

I just read the OAS blog you linked...

That sweet dog on the top!!! I wonder how it is? I have never wanted to pet and feed a dog more than than seeing a picture of that dog~~~~ I hope its okay, I wish they would say..... It looks so much like it needs some extra love!

BTW: does bad-rap work with OAS? Is that where some dogs go to bull hall?
I am sorry for asking, but I dont live in the area and I am amazed by all the efforts....

Donna said...

At least one of you guys is right on the money with the show host. Wooo! Mark Feb 29 on your calendar. I'm waiting for word when I can announce the show.

Jenifer, OAS is a fantastic model for public shelters that care about their animals, including their pit bulls. I should do a whole blog on them someday soon.

Yes - we work with them constantly and many of our dogs come from this shelter.

Anonymous said...

Duh - it can't be the Donald. Both Jon and Rachel are great guesses, but I'm going with Rachel her pup Isaboo needs a bro!


No BSL said...

My vote is Jon Stewart(Night time)
I didn`t want to spoil the surprise!

I wish Jon would mention Ontario one of these nights.

My vote for daytime appearance would be
Regis and Jonny Justice?
I think Jonny would give Kelly a run for her money in the cute dep`t.
Sounds good to me.

You BadRap people are amazing.

No BSL said...

My vote is Jon Stewart.
I didn`t want to spoil the surprise.

I also think Jonny J. should be appearing on the
Regis and Jonny daytime show.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jon would have pink satin pillows in his house.

just sayin'

No BSL said...

Jon has a wife.
Maybe she calls the pillow shots
or maybe Jonny packs that pillow for his travels.
I`m sticking with Stewart.
If it isn`t him then he needs to book Jonny J. for an appearance before Colbert books him.

Anonymous said...

oh, anyone think the timing of THIS bust is coincidental with the continued positive press about the Vick dogs?

HSUS wants another shot at killing lots of pit bulls...

comfies said...

more pictures of tyson please when you get a chance! he's ADORABLE! and maybe a couple movies?

p.s. i admire the heck out of bad rap. you guys are amazing. thanks for being superstars.

smason39 said...

How does Johnny Justice keep getting cuter?? I don't know whose couch that is, but I wish it was mine!!

smason39 said...

One question about the NY celebdog: Did he fly commercial or private?

2beemo said...

yay! I just knew it was going to be Rachel! I hope Jonny meets Isaboo, and they fall in love!!

No BSL said...

Did I miss something?
Is it Rachel?
If it is, that has to be taped and put up somewhere please.
I get Jon and Stephen.
I don`t get Rachel here.

No BSL said...

I just listened to the Dog View.I forgot the other night.
Good show.
No announcement??
I listened for hints from Jon Stewart on the Awards show tonight.
Can you just tell me and I promise I won`t tell anyone else before you announce it.
I`m sure it`s Jon Stewart.
Satin pillows and all.

Donna said...

So sorry Mac'sGang -- it's not Jon Stewart. This time.