Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jonny Sez: Delish!

The celebrity sofa graced by Jonny Justice two blogs below belongs to this darling of daytime telly. Yes! our ever-charming Bully Bust Dog Ambassador will be getting his
15 minutes of fame on the
Rachael Ray Show this coming Friday, February 29, 9am. A good reason to be late for work. Or set your Tevo. Or, check back here for the video link to the show.

How cool is that? Of course Rachael is a pit bull owner herself, so the interview was all about good vibes. We'll save the good parts for you to see for yourself. Photo: Tim in Central Park with Jonny Justice after the show's taping.

Pardon us please while we bask in the momentary bliss of being full fledged Media Ho's for the V-dogs. Does the country care about cast-off pit bulls? Last year at this time, the answer mighta been 'Eh. Mebbe' -- But this year's a whole new ball game and we're happy to see the dogs get a seat on the bus for once. And it's not slowing down...We have more shameless media announcements to make as we move into spring. Yo. Watch out for da Ho's!

A Rotta Good Bite Prevention Work

Speaking of working the media to help the dogs, we have to give a five snap salute to the Minnesota rescue/education mavericks A Rotta Love for their fantastically proactive bite prevention programs. We ALL need more of this. Even better, they've gotten their program into the press more than once, showing us all how simple and fun it is to teach dog safety and show off great ambassadors at the same time. I love these people! News Story

Small Victories at Home

Despite the fun stuff happening in the media, our crew is always working hard behind the scenes exercising, training and TLC'ing our orphan dogs until they finally go home. Shining up their manners involves problem solving; there's really no such thing as a perfect dog, and every individual has a little something that needs working out. For Elvez, it was wheelchairs. Anytime he saw a chair, he practically panicked. Not good. So the Pit Bull Hall Team has been wheeling a wheelchair around him for weeks along with lots of positives for calm.

This weekend's log notes from Pit Bull Hall volunteer Inga Sheffield spelled out a simple victory: 'Elvez Notes: A visitor in a wheelchair was checking him out as I came in with Josie. He was really good, no jumping or crazy yelping. I brought him out and he was equally well behaved. '

Great news. And just as nice, Elvez has a new suitor. Go Team.


No BSL said...

I have you in my google reader.
That`s how I get the blog alerts.
But I`ll sign up for the mail list because I seem to be playing catch up with the news.
What an eye opening trip that must have been for J.J
I don`t get Rachel Ray so I`ll look forward to seeing that tape.
Her dog is gorgeous.

I still hope Jon Stewart has booked J.J.
What you said on that radio show about the eyes is so true.
I think I can just about pick out a Pit Bull or mix by their eyes alone.
They don`t just look at you,they look deep into your soul.
It`s a little bit eerie.
I was looking into my Lab`s eyes tonight and it`s just not the same.

No BSL said...

Your Rotta News link
has this message
[quote]We're sorry. There are no stories currently available for this section.[/quote]

Jenifer said...

I LOVE Rachel Ray :)
I think its super exciting and i will be watching ~~~ (I am at home all day). YEAH Jonny!!! (did he get to eat some delicious treats made by RR?)

Elves is such a beautiful dog!!!! I am so proud of him~ Its tough getting over anxieties!

foop said...

Way to go Elvez!!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Justice is absolutely adorable, I cannot wait to see him on Rachel Ray! He just rocks! Can I just give a shout out for Josie Kat!!! I just love her, she is such a cutie!! I hope she gets that special home soon!!! Go Josie and good luck to Elvez with his new suitor.-----W

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props for A Rotta Love, folks--up here in the Great White North, we need all the encouragement we can get right now! We're right in the middle of trying to kill BSL, and save our statewide BSL preemption law, in committees in our House and Senate.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch! Rachael Ray has the cutest dog. Maybe she can make them some 30 minute dog meals?

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder if Geraldo will be tuning into Rachael Ray to watch JJ's debut?!

Hugs and kisses to JJ and Elvez.

Cornelia & Bullies Misty & Buddy
Lodi, CA

Anonymous said...

D.R. & J.J. with R.R. now all daytime TV celeb's!

Friday's airing allowed my family to be home for the 'premier' of these two new STARS. You all did great getting the message across and entertaining us with your 'beauty' on camera. I was so glad to see my old stomping grounds and the fantastic exposure to all that good hard work. J.J. even in his appearance is the energizer of the pit bulls cause ($$$).

You could almost feel Tim's 'directing' off camera.

I envey J.J. getting hugs from R.R.(though my forever home folks cook better)!

Licks back to you,