Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Signs of Intelligence

The stars & planets are lined up right for the dogs this week. Let's enjoy it while we can....

  • Battle Won - Two pit bull owners in PA won a major battle after spending eight years fighting a city ordinance that puts unfair restrictions on pit bulls. A state appeals court tossed it out da door. Congrats PA, and Well done!

  • Fair Treatment - Houston Humane Society announced that they will evaluate two fought pit bulls for placement potential. No 'fighting machine' or 'ticking time bomb' talk noted. We don't remember this shelter adopting out many/any pit bulls in the past, so giving these two dogs a fair chance is Huge.....Maybe it's contagious? A South Carolina shelter has made the same announcement about six abused dogs.
    Ahem. A brief message to the 'Kill-em-All Naysayers' out there.

  • Compassion for Jailbirds - Pima AC in Tuscon is soliciting donations to care for the 130+ pit bulls confiscated from the Patrick property. This is a wonderful way to involve the community in caring about the dogs. We commend the decision to ask for help, and hope that they end up with lots of toys in addition to the supplies.

  • HE CAN SIT! - Our foster dog Frodo (above) - who runs a little on the simple side - learned to Sit today. Woo! It's been embarrassing to have the only Vick dog that can't do a sit, but Frodo needed to work things out on his own time. Raised from pup-hood in near-isolation, he's one of our more stunted dogs, and we all have a soft spot for him because of it. More to come on the World According to Frodo.

    No BSL said...

    I`m not sure if it`s just me but I`m getting a weird looking blog entry.
    Your top story is mostly hidden behind your sidebar.

    Boy oh boy,a lot of good news in this entry.
    I`m amazed at all the shelters(quite a few anyway) that are giving the seized dogs a chance.
    Good for them.I`ll write and try to send a bit for toys to encourage them plus I want them to know that Canada is watching.
    I`m not sure that the shelter had to mention that the dogs are eating their dishes.Mine never did.
    Perhaps it`s due to hunger or boredom.
    Nelson,I couldn`t have said it better myself.
    Frodo,what can I say?
    It could be worse.
    It took my Labrador Retriever 3 years to learn to swim using a lifejacket.
    Next summer we`re hoping to lose the jacket because the neighbours are laughing at her and probably calling her simple behind my back.
    It`s so nice to read so much great news.
    Has Jonny come back down to earth yet?

    Kirsten said...

    ..aww, Frodo! :)
    Yay to that wealth of happy news.

    Angela said...

    YAAAAAY for the dogs! :D And boo for bsl ;p

    Congrats Frodo! All that hard work has paid off :)

    Anonymous said...

    lol for Frodo!
    of course all dogs "know how to sit".
    They just have to learn how to sit when we ask them to!

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! the planets ARE aligning...
    Is this the new Age of Aquarius?

    YAY, Frodo! (I have a simple dog, too. Arigato Marie, aged 12, can sit BEAUTIFULLY. And then, for a change of pace, she can - sit, BEAUTIFULLY. She can also, - sit, BEAUTIFULLY! So, you just be proud of yourself, Frodo!)

    Love to all the bullies, and to the universe that is TRYING to smile on them!

    And, of course, to Tim and Donna, all the volunteers, and those who read here every day.

    Jean in Seaside

    Jonny Justice said...

    Go Frodo !!!!

    We're pulling for you !!!

    Uba said...

    Good job, Frodo! I still have a hard time remembering what "down" is, so don't worry that things are taking a while to figure out. We have so much to learn and there are so many new things to see and think about now we are out of "custody", it can be kind of overwhelming.

    See you soon!

    Anonymous said...

    Yay Frodo!

    Can't wait to see you in class this weekend!

    Jenifer said...

    Yeah!!!! Frodo!
    I have a jack russel/Lab mix who still (after a TON of training) is still quite a bit to wiggley to totally "sit", though he tries his best :)
    So we know what a big deal that is~
    Frodo~ we are proud of you!

    WHoooo Hoooo re: all the good news! Its a great momentum~

    smason39 said...

    Wow! It's nice to see that Jonny J. and Uba are not only NOT a danger to society but they are also literate and can type!! I wish I could get my dog into your pit bull school--she doesn't know how to blog and she eats poo. Although she can sit (most of the time). Congrats Frodo!

    Thanks for the updates, links and daily dose of THE Jonny. My Tivo is set!


    Donna said...

    Susanna - I'm actually really impressed with Uba and Jonny's keyboard skills, too. The boys are getting ready to launch their own blog, which we'll post a link to here shortly. Frodo is not so hot at the keyboard, but I'll help him out.

    Mac'sGang, I hope you're able to see the blog now!

    Anonymous said...

    A Big Hey from Boris - Frodo - congrat's - I understand, standing is hard 'hobbit' to break. Are you afraid of slipping? My sister Sheena won't sit without grass or a rug. Here's a tip, you get a lot more hugs (and treats) when you are out if your butt is on the ground!

    Did you catch the video on the page with the Houston story. It shows victims:

    BTW, I've been bloggin for a couple weeks now - maybe to differentiate myself I'll write in lyrics (bully-rap):

    Cops cuffing dog fighters,
    H-SPCA rescuing white bullies,
    Metro ticketing HOV cars with only one passenger ...
    These are some of my favorite things ... in Houston!

    While not a TV star like the Vic-Staffies, my bully-stills are also sought after -- check out my PitBullHall pic finding its way into this tribute vid:

    Boris & Family

    2beemo said...

    Oh Frodo -- I tried to read the blog several times but I keep gazing into your eyes instead.... what a charmer you are! You keep taking it one day at a time, buddy.

    No BSL said...

    It must be just me.
    I can read the top story in my google reader but on your blog,the top story is hidden behind your side bar except for these 2 lines above Frodo.
    [quote]The stars & planets are lined up right for the dogs this week. Let's enjoy it while we can....[/quote]
    The rest is beside Frodo`s picture(under the sidebar except for 1 word on each line) rather than below it.
    Maybe it`s a firefox thing.
    All other blog entries are ok.It`s just this one??

    No BSL said...

    Signs of Intelligence???

    Not in Ontario,Canada.
    Munchie the Chocolate Lab?X
    killed for being an Ontario "Pit Bull"? as his appeal is being prepared.

    Please keep those good stories and videos coming from the US because Ontario is hopeless.
    Not only do we have to attempt to save the "Pit Bulls" but now we have to try to save the Chocolate Lab mixes impersonating Ontario "Pit Bulls".
    I visit this blog a lot hoping to retain a bit of sanity in my life.
    I`m off to watch BadRap videos,I`m having crazy thoughts about Ontario Politicians and shelter workers.