Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Phatman on the Road - Part II

Phatman is putting on some miles with his road trip adventures.

Here's the latest update from his travel guide, Cindy:

"We zipped through AZ, NM, TX and OK.

Phatman experienced Tornado warnings and the craziest thunder and lightening in Little Rock AR. Phatman is not a fan of thunder. He spent most of the night under the bathroom counter. Poor guy! "

"Next we were off to Nashville. Weather was not to good so we didn't get out to much but we did go to the Grand Ole Opry. Next was Louisville and Lexington KY. Phatman visited the Louisville Slugger factory and met some horses in Lexington. Then it was off to Savannah GA - a very dog friendly town."

"He played on the beach at Tybee Island in Savannah and did some sightseeing around town and today he played on the beach in South Carolina. Now we're in North Carolina and in a few days will be off to Virgina and then our nations capital!!"

Thank you Cindy! We're so glad to see you guys having such a good time.


Unknown said...

Awesome photos! LOVE the one with the statue of the horse - beautiful.
Thanks for keeping us posted on your travels.

Anonymous said...

LOVE reading about phatman, so many heartbreaking stories, you need some positive images now and then.

J.M. said...

Wow he`s like that little gnome from Travelocity.This Journey would make a great little book written from his perspective along with all these great pictures.

pibble said...

How many dogs have a travalogue? Lucky fella!

jess said...

I remember seeing Phatman in his little kennel at the shelter looking so sad. It's really uplifting (and fun!) to see how HUGE his world has become with his new family. Thanks to all of you for creating such big lives for dogs like Phatman.

p.s. If Phatman gets up to Maine, tell him to stop by Portland and I'll show him the beaches and biscuit shops!

Nichole said...

If Phatman comes through Indianapolis, I can think of a bunch of folks at Indy Pit Crew that would LOVE to meet him!

Dianne said...

Sounds like he'd like a Thunder Shirt


based on Temple Grandin's squeeze box (great movie on HBO)

Thanks for a happy ending...

Jolly Jack Maverick said...

My dog Cow is terrified of horses. TERRIFIED! She puts her tail between her legs and sits down, stares at them, and whimpers.

Ruth Moser in Real Estate said...

What fun to see Phatman enjoying life around the US. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts. It is so great to see a positive story. We are so lucky to share our lives with a rescue! I think Phatman should meet Bo while in DC!

marilyn said...

Yes! J.M. is right. This would make a great book written from the dogs point of view! All ages would love to read it. Good idea J.M. And Phatman, I am so happy for you!
P.S. You are a very handsome boy :)

J.M. said...

I wonder what Phatman would have to say about this if he could speak for a couple of minutes?

"Nice families rarely visit shelters in search of pit bulls,..."


I guess actions always speak louder than words eh Phatman?

Looking forward to your next Report.

Those word verifications always kill me.
Is it just coincidence?

Mine was turd(ethe)


The Vegan Cookbook Review said...

YAY PHATMAN!!!!!! Every dog should be lucky...and every home. Brilliant!

Rosiroo said...

Love reading about Phatman's continued adventures! Looks like he's having a great time :)

pet-meds said...

He seems like a really good dog.

Boris said...

Rabmlin (Phat) man,
You have invitations from around the states for free B&B with B's (Bed, breakfast with your Bully friends). Keep posting from the road - you think they'll make a i-smell phone so you could twitter us a scent.

My OEL traveling downunder and likes the way everyone talks about their 'staffy-mix' as you can't use that APB term. They call a latte a "flat-white" and baby animals are Joeys (I got a Joey at home but he's not much of a baby). I'm sure you get that kind of diversity back-lash along your road trip. Just keep your headhigh, skin-thick and smile alot.

Hike on one for me and I'll check back,