Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fool's Day: buy your local rescuer a margarita

April Fool's Day is coming up quick. It's going to be BR's 11 year anniversary, and to celebrate, we decided it would be fun to honor all the other overworked, under-partied pit bull rescuers who are out there doing good deeds.

So for our birthday, we're asking a special favor from pit bull fans and friends....

Buy your local rescuer a margarita.

Margaritas have been the official BADRAP birthday drink since Fool's Day '99. We were, admittedly, under the confidence-enhancing influence of tequila when we decided to start a pit bull advocacy group, and it's served us well since. Even today, whenever this work gets a little too heavy, at least one group member puts out a call for a tequila date -- medicine for our minds.

No matter how crappy things might get, a respite involving decent food, icy drinks and riotous laughter pulls us together quick. Not everyone in our group likes alcohol, but they seem to put up with our custom and are probably relieved when we trade in frustrations for ridiculous giggles. And then of course there are always virgin margaritas and the fun of a good contact buzz.

If your local pit bull rescuer accepts your offer (you might have to show them this blog post so they don't think you're hitting on them), please send us a photo so we can see them happy, and tell us a little bit about who they are. We'd love to post your outing here so the rest of us can learn about their work. Don't forget to splurge a little and go top-shelf: a splash of Grand Marnier and/or Cointreu truly makes all the difference.

Not sure who's helping the dogs? Check PBRC's list of rescuers for names of groups in your locale. Don't forget to include shelter workers that rally hard for the breed in their agencies.

In lieu of a drink date, you can send a gift certificate to Chevy's or similar mexi-favorite restaurant with a thank you note for all their hard work. By giving these good folks a mini-break from the madness, you'll do more for the cause than you'll ever know.

Do it!

Thank you!

and, Happy Fool's Day to anyone who is as foolish as we are. We heart you!

Below: Tim powering our blessed Margarita Cart in Black Rock Desert. (Yes, he's wearing a tutu. Hey, it was Burning Man, whaddaya expect?)


who wouda thunk it?? said...

Burning man? Tim in a tutu? blessed Margarita cart????
so nice to see that you are not all business!

pibble said...

I knew I liked you guys!

And the girls thought it was just going to be a night out. Wait'll I break the news!

Happy 11th - may you have many, many more!

Reed said...


I work with Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco. We're a group of people who have been working in rescue/with dogs for a long time. Many of us have pit bull experience. We're just applying for our 501(c)(3) but I'm wondering if there is anyway we can help you with the Oakland bust dogs? We can always find good foster homes for dog/kid social pits.

Aimee Chagnon said...

We're raising a toast to you and the pitties on April 1st--we'll use Tim's picture as inspiration! Margaritas--excellent choice and now officially, doctor's orders...
Loving you in Sonoma.
I'll say it again--you guys rock.

Anonymous said...

Donna, thanks for the inclusion of us tea-drinking, juice-lovin' oddballs. No more "Cape Cod Virgins." We're moving on to virgin margaritas!! Sound delicious!

And, of course, congratulations on another history-making year for BAD RAP.


Dianne said...

Does any of this-- margaritas and tutus have to do with parrotts?

goingnowhereslowly said...

God bless you all! There are a lot of pibbles in DC, and a lot of pibbles in the Washington Humane Society, where they are given every possible chance. We have some pibbles at the Washington Animal Rescue League--shout-out to T-Bone, Gillliana, and Posie; and to alums Pirate, Rocko, and Joy--and so I'll be sure to spread around some mezcal--fabulous for margaritas--and some Cointreau.

Anonymous said...

New recipe in honor of the day

1 oz Milagro Blanco
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz agave sweetener (diluted 3-1 with water)

in shaker with crushed ice, strain into glass with fresh ice....


AuSable Valley Animal Shelter said...

Oh, yea, that works for me. There are plenty of frustrations to go along with the highs in dog rescue...especially with these amazing Pits. I will join you and toast the wonderful people around me who rescue these dogs.