Saturday, March 13, 2010

Above the fold in Michigan

What a pleasure it was to see these beautiful faces, not only above the fold in a Grand Rapids newspaper, but on the Humane Society Kent County's Adoption Page - ready and waiting for applications. (fullsize scan) Of course, like any shelter that has many pit bulls up for adoption, the challenge will be finding enough qualified homes. But that's a welcome challenge to the people who saved these dogs from horrible abuse and a discriminatory death. Rock on Kent County!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Who would have thought? We never would have seen this kind of positive coverage 3 or 4 years ago.

But what about the two whose fate is still pending? Any hope they'll be made available for adoption?

I assume the issue with the two is dog aggression? As you well know, there are those special adopters who will take in a solo flier and MANAGE MANAGE MANAGE dog issues. Training, socializing and sensible dog management is very doable.

Such sweet faces. I hope they all find great homes with people who will appreciate 'em, love 'em and spoil 'em rotten!


pibble said...

How'd you like to be the two guys in the story on the right side of the page? Who is going to read that with these beauties staring at you?!

My fingers are crossed that each and every one of them, including Pacino and Violet, find great homes, soon. (Froggy - that face!!!!)

The Foster Lady said...

Hats off to Michigan...hope this is the start of something bigger in the upper Midwest...and geez, I wish it would spread to the South as well.

Dianne said...

I'm sorry this is making me cry! I hope the "allegations" against Pacino and Violet are disproved. Where's CSI when you need them>

TDY said...

Wonderful news! And, be still, my heart... will you look at the smile on that black and white one on the bottom left?!