Friday, October 16, 2009

My Dog is Family Photo Contest - Now Closed!

We're still peeling our jaws off the floor from the high powered maneuvering that went down with last night's photo contest deadline. What a wild ride. Just when we thought the finalists were settled and the contest was wrapping up, four huge donations came in inside the last 15 minutes and pushed long standing favorites in every direction. It was a true pit bull experience - as in, "Move on over, I gotta contest to win!"

We'll confirm the winners as soon as each of the 13 top scoring entrants submits their high res photo, completing our requirements for the calendar. Next! In a couple of weeks, we'll begin selecting photos for use in our My Dog is Family Book, so keep your eye peeled towards your mailbox in case your pic is chosen.

Thanks to everyone for buying votes and for submitting photos of your cherished pets. This contest was crucial in helping us build our funds for the rescue and advocacy work we plan to do in 2010. We'd be nowhere fast without you.


who wouda thunk it?? said...

OMG!!! I about fell over when I saw the number of votes on the winners!!! I was always hoping that the little sidecar dog would jump up and get in the competition, that is a GREAT photo! Kisses to Luna, too, I love that kissy photot

One voice counts said...

Wow. This is great news. Barn fund be very happy. GHANDI and RIO are waiting for the calendar. And the book - well, this is best news since Trader Joes made it to North Carolina. Hope we can sell a bunch here in Charlotte with FAMILY TAP. Waiting with - umm - glee? is that tacky? to hear about this weekend. Much love to you guys. Yep. Family is more than blood.

Anonymous said...

Okay that was fun - I kept thinking about the dogs all day at work and wondered who was where. I'm sure going to miss checking out the pictures and stories each day. Great contest - how about next year? Thanks for everything you do!

Virginia said...

I guess I'll get a chunk of time back in my day now that the contest is over. No more stories to read. Boohoo. I am so proud to be a part of this community. I always knew pibble parents were a cut above, but I also found out what a great sense of humor they have about these remarkable companions - maybe they got it from their dogs.
Titan's Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna,

Although I am DEVESTATED that Osa lost her long time spot at the last minute, I just want to thank all of my friends, family and even the strangers that saw her beauty and threw her some bones. I am very excited about the book! Congratulations to everyone that entered the contest for showing the world that our dogs are family.

Natalie and Osa Mae

Unknown said...

Omg I literally think my heart stopped beating at the last second of the contest. It then proceeded to fall onto my floor and get ran over by my chair as I saw that my dog who was 13 as it ended got flung to 15 in the aftermath of the voting war. But when I realized how many dogs are being helped and saved and beautiful the book will be and hopefully with his picture in there showing everyone who doubted me and my pit bull, enrico when I first got this "killer dog" how amazing him and the whole breed really is, my heart went right back into place and even grew a little. Bad rap, you are truly amazing. Thank you. <3Heather and Enrico

Anonymous said...

I still think there needs to be more than 12 months in a year!

With so many great photos and stories, I'm glad BAD RAP decided to put a book together.

I'm hoping to see my (2nd) favorite photo of Roscoe D'Pibble in the book. I hope Cleo is doing well.


who wouda thunk it?? said...

Diana, Thanks for loving my Roscoe D'Pibble!! Cleo is all better, well enough to have snatched a whole (cooked) NY strip steak off the counter and eat it while I was talking to my neighbor!! I was amazed, and not really mad at her

Anonymous said...

Guess I needed to find some Corporate sponsors!!! I thought I was doing well until 1055 when my internet provider crashed (I won't mention any company names, just think BIG CABLE COMPANY!!) so I missed the last minute flurry. Got the results this morning, Didn't mind finishing 19th because all the photos ahead of us were fantastic. Happy to have been part of this great group and proud to have been able to help generate all those donations. Thanks to all my friends and co-workers at Sacramento County! Sign me up for the next contest....


Anonymous said...

What an awesome fundraiser...I can't wait to hear the grand total that you raised in $1 - $10 increments!

No big deal, but my 3 photos were never posted though the $10 donation fees were. I would LOVE for my photos to at least be considered for the book. If not, no worries, you guys have enough to handle!

cathyp1 @ hotmail. com

Anonymous said...

WWTI: Glad to hear Cleo is doing well and got a good steak after her recovery. LOL.

Bob: Sorry to hear your IP crashed...that was my fear knowing we were putting in the last of our donations at the end of the contest! Fortunately, Kayleigh & Reba made it. Hopefully, BAD RAP will do this again next year. I spent every day looking at the new pictures and reading the stories.