Thursday, October 08, 2009

Countdown - Seven more days

Seven more days to submit your photo (if you haven't already) and corral all your friends to vote you onto the BAD RAP 2010 My Dog is Family Calendar. I'm feeling Moose this morning, loved by Angie Reuter in Flemington, MO.

Angie's story is as moving as her photo: "There are no words to describe this dog. He is like a best friend. I got him after a tragic loss. He is a great comedian and a great comfort during sad times. My mother in law passed last July. She loved him, he layed by her bed. If something was wrong or different with her he would come to get me. He loves to ride in a canoe, the first dog I have seen that can be still in a canoe."

That's family. Best luck to everyone who entered your beautiful photos.


Anonymous said...

Awww...what a beautiful boy and a beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

He is so damn cute!

Millie said...

wow, what a gorgeous boy

Lynn said...

I was drawn to this photo when I first visited the contest page and wondered what he was looking at so intently. Great shot.

I want to be friends with Moose!