Thursday, October 14, 2010

trading cards for your ambassadog

So your dog is a super star and changes minds wherever s/he goes, but how do you make sure that the impression she or he has made on the public lasts? One great way to give people something they can take home to ponder is a trading card with your dog's name, photo and accomplishments listed. They're small enough to tuck into wallets and pockets and relatively affordable and easy to create using online trading card websites.

Pit Bull celebs Jonny Justice and Hector both have them, but your dog should too, especially if you've both worked hard to create ambassador style manners.

As an example, here's the card that Jackie Gunby created for Salvador. He's the BR alum who found his niche doing therapy work in psyche wards, where he's helping soothe the most frazzled of nerves. (In case you missed this classic post, the story of Sal at work will give you chills.)

Sal's card lists his life philosophy ("Life is an Adventure"), his talents, a photo of his person Jackie, a list of his titles and accomplishments (Delta Partner, Canine Good Citizen cert, American Temperament Test Society) and website links to BR as well as the Delta Society, who sponsor the therapy work. But your dog doesn't need a packed resume to deserve a card. Just being a wonderful dog with nice street manners is a great reason to make your own.

You can list things like your dog's favorite activity, his nickname, where he came from and most definitely - list a website so your dog's most curious new friends can go home and do some research.

From Jackie's reports, it seems Sal has been turning heads and winning hearts everywhere he goes - both on the job and off. And we're betting that his trading card is being put to good use as new fans go home to brag about their chance meeting or dig up more info on the Internet. You gotta love it.

Do you have a favorite online resource for creating trading cards? We'd love to check them out! Please share here.


One voice counts said...

OH. Story of SAL at work is astonishing. Part about the lady on the edge he soothed and comforted gave me chills. What a grand story, what a b e a u t f u l dog. His Mom must be so proud. Thank you. Remembering old tune from way back "Accentuate the Positive."

Two Pitties in the City said...

This is a great idea. So many people are curious about our dogs and shocked when they find out that pit bulls can be so well-mannered and social. It would be great to have something like this to follow up with them.

Boris said...

Great one of Sal. Where'd I put words as my head takes up the whole front of the card.

American Greeting co.
They have flat - 2 side 5x7 'trading card' We enjoy their 3.5x5 notecard version and even use it for Holiday cards. Working on a set of 'bully mark' as it fits a great picture on the front, with text and samll insert picture (for the bully marking like my "check") on back. Inside fold is a blank notecard for your greeting.

See your bully card and raise you one (like JR), Boris

Test Blog said...

Terrific! I'm a pitbull dad and I own the print shop in upstate NY that made Hector's (and Thelma's, Wallace's and Sarge's) trading cards. I'd encourage everyone to first consult their local print shop about such a project, but I'd be happy to help if asked. You can find my email at WOOF!

Levi said...

What a great idea! Then people can see the pretty faces everytime they look at the card. And show other people!!
I am gonna have to talk to my mom about getting me some of these.

willeyfromtroy said...

Thanks for this! I looked into trading cards for my therapy dog/reading program pit, Jubilee, awhile ago and you just reminded me to get back on it. Love the comment about consulting with my local print shop.

Ted P. Sutton said...

I got some great trading cards made at