Saturday, October 16, 2010

PB Awareness Day - Join us in Berkeley Oct 23!

A fun day to look forward to. We'll be opening our doors from 11:30am - 1pm on Saturday, October 23. At BR's training grounds at Second St. & Addison Street in Berkeley. (Double click on poster to upsize)

Come out and meet Jonny Justice, Uba, Audie and friends next Saturday! Badrappers and Berkeley Shelter volunteers will be training dogs while you take in the sights and peruse our educational materials. There will be refreshments, games, mini-tours, an auction of paw-tographed copies of "The Lost Dogs" and some wonderful dogs to snuggle, including dogs that are looking for homes. Bring your camera!

HAPPY BRIBES: To encourage visitors who might not otherwise come to an event like this, we're giving a FREE GIFT to everyone who brings a guest who is not a pit bull owner. Grab your neighbor, dentist, work-mate or local politician and LET'S DO THIS THING!

Since this event takes place during our training classes, we have to ask that you leave your dogs at home. Thank you. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Whoohooo! Sounds like our kind of party time! What a great way to celebrate Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Lynn in N. Cal

Dilonsmom said...

Here in Milwaukee, we're celebrating with Pitty Palooza!! :-) It's the fourth year, but it'll be the first year I will volunteer - I'm really looking forward to it.

Rob said...

Hi BR folks - Due to ominous forecasts, we're getting questions on the BACS FB page about whether this will be a "rain or shine" event. What's the official word? Thanks for clearing that up! -Rob

Donna said...

Good Q, Rob.

The only thing that chases us away from Saturday classes is pouring rain. So if it's drizzlin,' come on down! We have canopies for our guests and lots to see.

Pam said...

Because of this event, our longest-term dog (now that Albert has been adopted--YAY!), Ruby was recognized as a superstar by two observers who thought she was so well-behaved and focused that she must belong to her ace volunteer handler. While taking a tour of BACS, they discovered she was indeed a shelter dog, available for adoption. Home check passed, paperwork in order, Ruby was picked up from the shelter this afternoon. Thanks to you (and her expert handler), this evening Ruby will sleep in a home for the first time in nine months, the newest member of a loving, pit-savvy family.