Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tearing down the BSL wall in Toledo

Toledo Ohio, a town that used to be a death camp for pit bulls - even going so far as to pay its former animal warden's office a bounty for every citation it wrote against pit bull owners - has decided to do away with its breed specific policy that once labeled dogs "vicious" based on looks alone.
Toledo City Council Tuesday approved a broad overhaul of regulations concerning dogs and their owners that establishes steep fines for dog bites and considers behavior rather than just breed when classifying a dog as a threat.

The regulations will replace the city's “vicious dogs” law, which a Toledo Municipal Court judge found unconstitutional in January. - Toledo Blade
It's a new day, friends! We're eternally grateful to the diehards who've been working against enormous odds to turn the tide in Toledo and all around Ohio. Bless you, good people!

Photo credit: The Berlin wall being torn down, published in The Washington Times.


Anonymous said...

Awesome news for so many! I hope situations like this one keep chipping away until we have a BSL-free America!

Jenny said...

Every time a BSL falls makes for a great day, as far as I'm concerned. I'd love to see the state law in Ohio meet the same fate!

Kelly said...

I live outside of Toledo! I was so happy about this! I have never been so proud of my area before. :)