Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BADRAP at Florida Animal Control Conference Nov 20

We're being drawn to Florida again to present a talk on pit bull adoptions at the Florida Animal Control Conference in Orlando next month. If you're in the field of animal control in this state, we know how many challenges you face and how many wonderful pit bull type dogs you encounter in your work. Please join us on Saturday, November 20 for this presentation.
FACA Conference
One of our celebrated shelter partners in Florida is Hillsborough County Animal Services. They were recently recognized by Best Friends for their kick ass breed ambassador program, which has saved nearly 500 pit bulls since its inception in 2007. We credit a supportive shelter management and diehard volunteer crew for helping turn some major tide by the Tampa Bay.

Our friendship started when we visited HCAS with Animal Farm Foundation to brainstorm ways to help them increase their adoptions. We met Little Man there, and the rest is history.

This high volume shelter is one of our favorite examples for what a motivated group of people who want to help pit bulls can accomplish.


Anonymous said...

I wish the general public could sit in on this, because I'd love to hear your presentation and I'm planning on being an ACO when I graduate!
Yay Hillsborough&Pit Boo's!

Dianne said...

I sure wish you could find your way to DC. Some WARL folks are talking with AFF about some of our pitties. It would break your heart, they so crave human contact that when they hear me talking they come out of their hidie-holes and then just look incredibly frightened. I guess the fact that they come out is good but I sure wish we could break through to them.

Donna said...

Hi Dianne. WARL took some of the 'Frodos' from the Ohio case, so it'll be a long road. You'll get there, but it'll take time - months or years instead of days or weeks.

Diane; The Dog Diva said...

Oh how wonderful! You'll have to come for a tour of our shelter while you are in town! (SPCA of Central Florida)
Email or call me and we'll get together!
Diane Anderson
Animal Behaviorist

who wouda thunk it?? said...

please forward the info to dsauve@pbcgov.org
She is teh administrator at Palm Beach County ACC, and she is good people. Maybe if you and I both invite her, she will go.

who wouda thunk it?? said...

you dont have to post this if you dont want to.... I just now found out teh MY HOMETOWN TEAM, the Wash Redskins, hurt MVick, and he cant play. I am SO happy like I won something. I dont care how they perform the rest of the year, I just wanted MV hurtin. hope he stays hurt

Anonymous said...

OH no ..are you going to be in DISNEY HELL again ?? I am sure Tampa would treat you much much better.. thank you for the kudos for HCAS.. a lot of great dedicated people with such a wonderful caring pittie loving administration !! HCAS PBA and IK kennels has come so far . we even have a facebook account too..we are in Pittie heaven in Tampa thank you for helping in opening up that door :) Crystal J / aka BIG MOMMA