Friday, June 11, 2010

When old news is the best news.

Someday, when your kids and grandkids are grown and loving on their own pit bulls, the saga of the bust dogs will seem like old dusty news from a history book. They might even say "Mom! Enough about the bust dogs already. That's just sooo 2009." Ledy Vankavage from Best Friends wrote a one-pager that just might work for that history book....

The Vick case became a model for how to handle dog fighting cases, including the Missouri 500. Courts and law enforcement agencies across the country are embracing the humane trend of giving dogs rescued from fighting rings a second chance. - Ledy, from her blogpost

The one thing that Ledy didn't write into this page is herself. People who know her and who've read Malcolm Gladwell's landmark book "The Tipping Point" point to Ledy as a classic 'Connector' ... That is, someone who seems to know everyone and knows how to sew them together. This article is like a peek into's Ledy's busy rolodex, which she used then and still uses today to bring "the helpers" together towards the goal of getting our dogs out of the gutter they've been tossed in.

Ledy's MO bust dog Karma ... just like our recent placement Daisy ... just like the fabulous Hector, Sweet Jasmine, Little Red, Haley, Monkey, Josie, Jhumpa, Leo, Georgia, Jonny Justice, Audie, Vessa ... shall I go on? They and their owners are all going above and beyond the call of duty to show us that rock star pit bulls aren't the exception, they're the rule.

Feeling grateful today to everyone who stuck their neck out "then" for the dogs, and who continues to stick it out there for the dogs - now - no matter where they come from. You history makers, you.


Dianne said...

It is so heart warming to hear the updates on these dogs. Eleven of them were at WARL including Georgia, she seems to be coming along much further than anyone would have predicted. Yay Georgia.

The Vegan Cookbook Review said...

What a great update. And ahem, Bad Rap, you're making some pretty decent history too! =)

Liz said...

Poor Maude. I'm glad that she was honored and not forgotten. Without my staffie I would not be alive today. Everyone now calls her mommys little lifesaver. Thanks for saving, and helping out the breed of dog I've truely come to love. I couldn't even imagine life without mine.