Monday, June 14, 2010

A dog by any other name. Barn Family names announced!

Announcing the winners of our Name the Barn Family contest. Congrats to: Alyssa Carolla, Lissa Stiles, Andrea Nguyen, Sarah Williams, Samantha Wood, Lisa Wolverton, Sheri Cardo, and (mama's name) from Susan Cava. Bravo!

Winners will each receive a copy of Ken Foster's book, Dogs I Have Met, signed by Ken and pawtographed by his boy Brando. Please contact us with your addresses and a photo of your dog. Addresses HERE

Above left: Named FERDINAND - by Alyssa Carolla - after the story of Ferdinand the Bull, a gentle giant who would would rather curl up and smell the flowers rather than fight. Our rowdy girl on the right has been named JOSEPHINE by Samantha Wood. Says contest judge Ken, "She was a founder of a school at Tulane, but who can resist thinking of the other famous Josephines: Josephine Baker, or, better yet, Josie and the Pussycats."

Above: This confident girl has been named PEPPER by Andrea Nguyen. Ken likes the name for this pup and also the connection to Pepper Anderson, everyone's favorite don't-talk-smak-to-me police woman, played by the uber-cool Angie Dickinson.

Left: This runty boy was named SANJAY by Lisa Wolverton.

Ken Foster tells us: "Sanjay - We have known several, and they have been culturally-inclined and driven to improve themselves and the community around them; we hope for the same with this little man." Nice.

Below left: This little girl is now CAMELLIA, named by Sarah Williams. From Ken: "Camellia is the name of a flowering tree...but also of a diner in New Orleans, Camellia Grill, where customers left notes on post-its for two years after Katrina, until it finally reopened in 2007."

Below right: We have ROSALIE named by Sheri Cardo. She reminds us of Rosa Parks ... This puppy is not about to give up her rightful seat on the big bus of Life!

Below: This little girl was named HYPATIA (Hi-pay-sha) by Lissa Stiles. Says Ken, "Hypatia -perhaps the first female mathematician and philosopher, Egypt, 350AD; she was persecuted by Christians. We are hoping for more philosophy, less persecution. for our Hypatia."

And the best for last. Our wonderful mama dog, below, was named EVA PEACE by Susan Cava. She says "Sula was my favorite Toni Morrison book; Sula's grandma was Eva Peace who put her leg under a train so she could get insurance $ for her kids. I have a feeling this mama dog would do the same. A tribute to Ken's Sula too."

We LOVE it Susan! Thank you. Since you named the mama, you get to choose a clothing item from our CafePress Store. Let us know what we can order for you when you send us your address!

Some other favorite name ideas that caught our eye (and just might show up attached to other BR dogs one of these days!) ... Dianne Rhodes voted for The Seven Virtues: Chastity, or Chas for short (like Chastity Bono!), Temperance, or Tempe for short (like Bones), Charity, Diligence, or Dili for short, Kindness, Patience, and Humility or Lity for short ... Terry Daniel went for high sugar names: 1. Twinkie 2. Cupcake 3. Suzy Q 4. Ding Dong 5. Gem (Donette) 6. Snoball 7. Little Debbi ... Laurel Ashley hit the B's: Bobbin, Barney, Betina, Bea, Brando, Betty, Button, and Belle for the Mom ... Jamie Cagle picked 'Polo' for a boy ... Lori Lubin's names were very cool: Tycho, Sandra Dee, Gidget, Annie, Aurora, Eliza, Holly Golightly, Fitzhug ... and Lori A Fusaro was inspired by the barn theme: Female 1- Tuli Male 1- Angus Female 2- Sussex Female 3- Holstein Male 2- Dexter Female 4- Chianina (Key-a-Nina) Female 5 Devon Mom - Jersey.

Big thanks to everyone for your creative input, including the folks at Sula. You helped us raise $2400 for the dogs' care, 10% which is going to their sweet southern cousins in New Orleans. Woot!


pibble said...

I LOVE the names and all of their meanings - very thoughtful and beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Love the last picture, Ms. Eva Peace would surely love a moment, and maybe her ear back. But what wonderful names for them all!

I see great things for them all!

Susan Cava Ruimy said...

How cool! I feel privelaged my name was chosen for Mama!!!!!! =)))))))))))))

Dianne said...

Aw... these made me smile. I especially like the very special name for the mamma dog, Eva Peace. At WARL, we name a litter of puppies all starting with the letter that has been designated. So these being the first litter would be litter "A". Groups of dogs coming in together get a theme. So that's where I got the idea and I'm glad you liked it.

Rescued Pittie Family said...

Ferdinand looks just like my Haleigh Anne when she was a baby. So precious!!
If I did not have 4 furkids at home already I would be tripping over myself to put in an application for her.

Diane said...

Great names! Especially mama dog. Love it!

I submitted Pepper, too, along with 6 other plant themed names for the rest of the puppies, and 3 names for mama. I like the names you chose a lot -- I was stretching to find a set of names that would link the litter mates for life.

Bummed that I won't get a photo of my dog posted on your site but love the names and the additional photos of the barn family.

Donna said...

Diane - Send me a photo of your dog, too.

Andrea got her entry in before yours. but what the hec - we'd love to show off your baby. Thx!

Jamie said...

SO happy the little ones have been named. Great names!

Anonymous said...

wonderful names! well done everyone. i especially love Eva Peace for mom of the year...
oxo in harlem

Sally's Mom said...

What wonderful, wonderful names!!! And "Eva Peace" -- such a perfect name for that soulful, ageless mama.

Pip said...

Oh, Eva Peace, your babies are beautiful, but you're the one I'm in love with.

Wonderful names, what a great kick-off for the barn.

Sarah said...

Awww, I'm so glad there's going to be a little Camellia! And Ferdinand has been one of my all time favorite stories since I was a child - awesome, very appropriate name for an ambassador pit bull.

Congrats on the fundraising and the beautiful names!

Anne Ahiers said...

I love the name Pepper for anything- because then i can say

"She's named Pepper- because she spices up our lives"


Anonymous said...

Love all the names! Especially Ferdinand, that is one of my boys "other" names since he was tiny. They are all beautiful and will go on to great things :)

pet memorial jewelry said...

they are so cute.. and i do agree about what you said by the meaning of the name Peeper anne..