Monday, June 07, 2010

Name us! A contest to name the Barn Family

We've been so busy with our new barn guests that we haven't been able to settle on names yet. Poor deprived doggers! Please help us figure out what to call these little tykes so we can get them listed as 'Coming Soon' faces on our available page.

We also need to buy a lot of supplies for the barn and vet care and s/n surgeries for the pups, so to meet both goals, we're holding a Name the Barn Baby Contest.

Here's how it works: You donate ten dollars to BR via paypal for every name you want to submit. Name one dog, donate an Alexander Hamilton. Name two dogs, donate twenty bucks towards their care. Name all eight dogs (don't forget mom!), donate eighty ... Get it?

Mo'fessional Judges: Since we hope to be overwhelmed by your good ideas, the good people of Sula Foundation are going to help us out by selecting their eight favorite names from the list of entries. As you may know, Sula prez Ken Foster is an accomplished author with an ear tuned towards wordage, so we trust him to lead the way. Sadly, Ken lost his muse Sula one month ago. To honor her memory, we'll send 10% of your donations from this contest to his group. It's one small way that the seven brand new lives can honor Sula's memory and carry on the legacy of her inspiration.

Deadline: Friday June 11 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Winning names announced sometime Sunday, June 13.

Prizes, Prizes: Winners will be mentioned here with photos of their muses - their dogs, we're assuming. And because the momma dog is always the most important member of any dog family, we're going to send the winner of momma's namer shopping for a clothing item gift of his or her choice from our CafePress store. If we get more than one entry with the same winning name, the prize goes to the person who sent it in first. Sound good?

So have at it. There are five girl puppies (not including mama) and two boys. Think: barn animals, super heroes, television sitcoms - go wild. For ideas, stare into their eyes HERE

IMPORTANT: When you make your paypal donation, write your name choice or choices in the box marked "instructions to merchant." Thank you namers ... and thank you Ken and Sula. This should be fun!


Annie's Mom said...

Well, now I know what I'll be thinking about today instead of work :)!

Anonymous said...

Awww. I didn't know that Sula passed away. My condolences to Ken.

Mia said...

Great fundraiser!! Our pug rescue is thinking of doing the same thing for a litter we had on Saturday! They are all so adorable. Glad the momma found you!!!

Jess & Lilo

Jill said...

Can't think about names -- brain shut down because I'm choking on cuteness.

Nikki B said...

Mama, you make some beautiful babies!

havetailwillwag said...

ARGHHHH!!! CUTE OVERLOAD!!!! i can't stand it!!! they're adorable!!!