Monday, December 07, 2009

Sally needs a new home

Gifts to the dogs show up in the most interesting packages. We never would've guessed that a bike named after our best girl Sally would be making an appearance in time to help run the barn raising plans over the finish line, but here she is....

SuckerPunch Sally. To be honest, our Sally hasn't sucker punched a dog in a long, long time. But when she did - back in her teenage bad girl days - she did it with gusto. You can't blame a girl for having a little attitude. This bike has all kinds of attitude and she wants to be owned by a responsible sort who gets what she's about: Road trips and plenty of smooth, happy adventures.
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How and Why? A most wonderful wants-to-stay-anonymous donor gifted Sally to us and asked that she be auctioned off so we could get some dogs in that darned barn already! How amazing is that?

Ebay Auction

If we find a buyer, 100% of the proceeds will go to finishing off the barn. Here's the sales pitch:

The Sucker Punch Sallys Swinger is a modern suspension bike done in the tradition of a mid 1950's Harley Davidson FL; low stance, big fat fenders, spoked wheels and custom pinstriping. She's powered by an 88 cubic inch RevTech V-Twin with a 2-into-1 exhaust for easy cruising, channeling power through a 3 inch belt driven primary and a Baker 6 speed transmission. She features Harley Davidson controls and a 4.2 gallon split tank for long highway rides. The bike currently has 905 plus miles on it. The only minor defect is a little discoloration of the exhaust pipe. Other than that, she is flawless.

Oh yeah, baby.

If you know someone who's ready to upgrade their bike and who'd like to help out a bunch of pit bulls while they do it, please tell them about our auction. Happy travels!


One voice counts said...

Oh my stars. TonytheTiger G R E A T news. Love headline. Love photos. L O V E taking barn over finish line. We are every single blessed day thinking of you guys. Yep. Family is more than blood. More later on that. Peace, love, brown rice.

Paul Kurst said...

I'm curious why the auction doesn't mention the cause, or what the proceeds will be going towards.

The Vegan Cookbook Review said...

I'm so happy this is for a bike and not a dog in need!

Donna said...

Fixed! Thank you Paul!

Mike Sweeney said...

Tip of the cap to you Mr/Mrs Anonymous...Way to go!!

ingrid said...

Wonderful. You know I've passed this along! Barn and Bike are in my prayers!

Ken Foster said...

Am I the only one who thought for a moment, beyond reason, that the "real" Sally somehow needed a new home? "Jeez, what did she do now?"