Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day, Aberfoil

Aberfoil was such a clownish punk when we first met him at Oakland Animal Services, that we even caught our ever-patient trainer Sara counting to ten on some days. He was determined to jump jump jump, so she taught him it was okay to use the springs in his legs as long as he avoided using human body parts as a launch pad. Fine! Aberfoil became highly skilled at impersonating a kangaroo and would hop hop hop in front, next to, and around people as high as possible with the biggest "Lookit ME!" grin he could muster. Good lord Aberfoil!

We used to wonder who would ever fall for the Dorkish Wonder, but Carol and Hank put that question to rest. They've been wonderful for him since he went home on a pending adoption contract and it's been a joy to see him morph into their perfect dog. The trio went full adoption this past Saturday and we couldn't be happier. There is definitely a CGC in Aber's future with this devoted family.

Sir Aberfoil! Our shelter memories of you will always make us slap our foreheads, roll our eyes and break into giggles.


Lynn in N. Cal said...

Aw, we've all known Aberfoil's - so wonderful to see this one's family and wonderful outcome! Never thought to teach "its ok to jump - but not on people" - brilliant!!

The Vegan Cookbook Review said...

What a truly beautiful dog! I love reading success stories for high-energy pitties. Bravo to the family for choosing him --- bravo to Bad Rap for saving him!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! He's adorable. I especially love that cute freckly nose :))

Maureen said...

There's a lot of love in those twinkly eyes. You can just see it! Big congratulations to Sir Aberfoil and his new family. I just LOVE a happy ending. Hooray!

Leigha said...

My girl is A brindle and white female version of him though since she is almost 9 she isn't quite as whacky with her kangaroo jumps. But when we rescued her at 1 yr old she was all kangaroo legs. that didn't stop us from loving her and she is still the smartest, most playful, sweetest, energetic springy legged girl and I wouldn't want her any other way! Yay for aberfoil charming his way into the hearts of his people. Yay for badrap, yay for all our pitties getting a chance no matter how much they impersonate a kangaroo.

Anonymous said...

As the owner of a boundless jumper, I can only thank you for your patience and love. Congratulations Aberfoil!
Leila & Quizz (reformed jumper)

Boris said...

Sir Aberfoil-roo,

Aussie-land must be the genetic link to our red nose. I'm glad to see you with tall "Adopters" to challenge you to new heights.

My pack refers to me as 'circus dog' with my springing clown antics. If you time it right you can miss the people but catch the bottom of the full food bowls. You could say Sheena and Boris had 'dinner on me' after that leap.

Happy forever home,
JR-roo of Boris' pack

pitbull friend said...

What a lovely, lovely story! Thank you so much, BAD RAP and Aberfoil's family for making it happen.

The Foster Lady said...

We need a video of the jump, jump, jump...I have a foster here, just like that one!