Sunday, December 20, 2009

Calling all SF Bay Stage Mothers - Showcase your Pit Bulls!

Pet Food Express has been helping us re-shape the image of pit bulls every day of the week for the last two and a half years. They've been doing it by giving customers a ginormous blast of adopted pit bull faces on posters that hang on walls and windows in stores around the bay. We especially love the 51st and Broadway location for its wall full of BR alumnae. These posters are HUGE and they grab everyone who walks in or by the store.

FRESH FACES WANTED! Are you interested in adding your dog's portrait to this fun collection? From now until December 31, PFE is lining up fresh talent to showcase bay area pit bulls while they help us with our barn-raising. Top right, Carolyn Pettigrew's boy Booker. Below, Sheri Cardo's girl Sally.

How does it work? When you donate $250 to BAD RAP, Pet Food Express will have your dog's photo taken by a professional photographer, blown up to a giant-sized poster and placed in your favorite PFE store.

AND THEN they will match your donation and give $500 to BR for our barn. Holy moly! Thank you Pet Food Express.  Left: Donyale Hoye's Muggy and Lola.

Our dogs Sally and Honky (right) joined the first campaign, and we just loved the time and care the photographer took to capture their personalities. She came out to our house and made it all very easy and fun with the best assortment of squeakers and treats. Posters hang in the store for two+ years. After that time, you have the opportunity to buy it back for keeps. (Ours is going in the BR barn, natch.)

We'd love to see as many BAD RAP alum as possible waving their colors in PFE stores around the bay. (Come'on now. There are hundreds of you!) Non-BR dogs are warmly welcome to participate in support of BR. This is such wonderful way to showcase our beloved pit bull companions.
For questions or an application to join this campaign, please contact Sheri about: PFE Portraits.
Last day to sign up: Thurs, December 31.

Left, Owen, owned by Debbie Goldberg.

Thank you stage moms! And big thanks to Pet Food Express for supporting BR's work and, especially, for helping us put such big, bold, BODACIOUS images of cherished family pit bulls in front of so many eyes.


Chelsea said...

Every time I see a picture of BR alum Lola, I smile like a crazy person. I can't help it. She's so BEEFY.

jonzak said...

Love this idea. Lola in the pic with Muggy, cracks me up. Terrific!

Ruth[less] said...

What an awesome idea!!!

boxerdoggy22 said...

I love this. I need to start a campaign in Germany. Pit Bulls are totally illegal to own here. What a shame! Isnt there a saying: There are no bad dogs only bad owners!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to wish the BAD RAP team Happy Holidays, and thank you all for another year of inspiration!!! And happy to report I found my own rescue ( Pit here in Cairo, named Meeky who was rescued after being doused with acid by her owner/breeder. Your group is a fine example for those of us in animal activism here, and sorry to say Pits will soon be in the same conditions here that they are in
USA, as too many breeders here raise "fighting" dogs. Thank God we have your example to follow! Keep up the wonderful work and may God bless all of you!