Monday, December 28, 2009

"Happy New Era" - Anti-BSL Statement from the A

We can't think of a better way to start a new year - a new era! - for pit bulls:

ASPCA Position Statement on Breed Specific Legislation

" light of the absence of scientific data indicating the efficacy of breed-specific laws, and the unfair and inhumane targeting of responsible pet guardians and their dogs that inevitably results when these laws are enacted, the ASPCA instead favors effective enforcement of a combination of breed-neutral laws that hold reckless dog guardians accountable for their dogs' aggressive behavior...."


Boris said...


Thank you for opening this New Decade with the proper focus:

"... laws that hold reckless dog guardians accountable ..."

Hopefully, this "hold-accountable" attitude in 2010 will reach out to all forms of dog abuse, not just "enabling aggressive behavior".

Could your efforts direct our local legislatures to invest in programs that "Educate and Inspire" responsible 'dog guardians' plus our community on the various forms and cost of dog abuse?

BadRap followers,
2010 years can give a whole new meaning to "taking back the streets". In that fashion all Bully Guardians need to remember, we lead by example.

Check-back, Boris & JR

jonzak said...

This made my day. Little by little the picture is coming together. The fabric to which we all add our own thread(s) to, the quilt to which we add our own pattern(s) to is coming together as more and more minds open and join us in the effort.

It's in the ether now, undeniably so, and stronger than ever -- our dogs have a posse that's getting bigger, our dogs have a future that's getting brighter -- it's all adding up to a beautiful image indeed.

pitbull friend said...

And not a moment too soon! Good, good news! Who's left to get on board besides PETA (who never will during the reign of Newkirk, I'd suppose)? And won't it be interesting when pibble-killing legislators have only PETA on their side?

Dianne said...

There was a great three part presentation at the No Kill conference here last May by Ledy Van Kavage - Senior Legislative Analyst for Best Friends Animal Society, Karen Delise - Founder of the National Canine Research Council and Author of "Fatal Dog Attacks" and "The Pit Bull Placebo", and Rebecca Huss - A professor of Law at Valparaiso University School of Law.
I can’t find the materials on line any longer, but it led me to this blog

Which led me to this book, “A Lawyer’s Guide to Dangerous Dog Issues.”
The book is edited by Joan Schaffner, a nationally respected expert on animal law and an associate professor at the George Washington University Law School and founder of the school's Animal Law Program. She was also an organizer of the conference.

(She also fosters cats from the city’s shelter system). BTW, there were lots of pictures of Vicktory dogs as part of these presentations.

Mike Sweeney said...

Hell YES, about time

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart....the light is on and people are seeing it!

Education and holding individuals responsible for the actions of individual dogs.... it always seemed the sensible approach, given that the wholesale slaughter of particular breeds is insane and does not solve societies problems.

Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

Now if only we can get PETA to feel the same way!

The Vegan Cookbook Review said...

I've had a mixed year with the ASPCA - this anti-BSL statement is fantastic and progressive and I have dear friends at the 92nd street hq's (around the corner from me), heck, even my vet is there...however, given that Ed Sayres, President of the ACC chose to euthanize a once abused pit bull named Oreo rather than release him to a well-known sanctuary obviously doesn't sit well.

Additionally, the ASPCA has an operating budget of $100+ million in donations and yet only handled 1500 animal in NYC when our main shelter (Animal Care & Control) is overwhelmed with 50,000 animals and has an annual budget of $8.6 million. I realize the ASPCA has other programs across the country they support, but as a rescuer in NYC I'd like to see the ASPCA step up and get it together in NYC rather than make a statement that should have made a while back.

Not trying to rain on a parade but I deal with the ASPCA A LOT in NYC and it leaves a lot to be desired...especially when 9 blocks north is our main shelter that is overwhelmed and underbudgeted.

Donna said...

Honest opinions that are respectfully worded are always welcome here, NYCKitten. Although I don't think your concern is isolated to just NYC -- every city that has an over-crowded AC has similar feelings about their private shelters. Maybe it's another thing we need to work on in this new era for pit bulls.

Dianne said...

Hey Susan, I understand your frustration with the ASPCA. But now we can stand behind the efforts to
enact Oreo's Law and try to keep it from happening again.

I support both the A (I'm a Unitarian so have a history with Henry Bergh) and the HSUS although I don't always agree with them. I've a bone to pick with the ASPCA on wolf hybrids. And many bones to pick with HSUS. But as my mom pointed out to me when I threatened to move to Canada after the 2004 election, you can't help change if you give up and move out. I attended Pacelle's talk back here in DC and was going to yank his chain about pit bulls, when another woman beat me to it, tearfully pleaded with him to do something about shelters automatically killing them. I think that it is hearing from the public that they want a change that forces them to re-evaluate their past statements and make changes.

I also figured out something recently about the A and HSUS and the perception that they bring in "too much money". Have any of you read Dan Pallotta's book "Uncharitable"? I highly recommend it.

Meanwhile, we are still looking for our pb who is wandering the parks of PG County, which has BSL. Please keep her in your hearts, we feel we are getting close to trapping her and bringing her home.