Saturday, September 12, 2009

That's what I'm saying ... !

Claremore Animal Shelter makes the news
It was great to see Oklahoma's Jennifer Cummings in the news for her part in helping the bust dogs. And in the Washington Post, no less. Congrats Jennifer .. And thank you again for your good deeds. WA Post Article + Photo

On the left is the same cute doggy shown with Jennifer in the Post. We all anxiously await her arrival in CA. Thanks to Molly Gibbs for the great photo.

For every dog that we take from out-of-state, we try our best to rescue a local dog. Below is Turner, who just joined us to today from the kennels of Oakland Animal Services. Ambassadog volunteer Inga Sheffield found him tied to a warehouse fence, forlorn and forgotten. We look forward to seeing him get his bearings and attract a new home. Someone's going to love this handsome monkey.

In other news from home: The beautiful Tulip is healing from a second exploratory surgery to find the source of a weeping wound. The culprit? A foxtail .. deep, deep, deep within the muscle. Lolo finished her first week in her new home. Bemis left the shelter and went to a new home today. And Aberfoil and little TugTug both have very promising suitors. A good week for Oakland pit bulls.


Kristina said...

I wish I could have Turner, he is gorgeous. Ive a fondess for brindle pits. I have 2 at home.

Scout and Freyja said...

What more could anyone say about those cuties when they have such happy smiles☺ My gosh, any happier and they would explode☺