Sunday, September 20, 2009

223 cyber stars, and counting

We hope everyone is enjoying the daily arrivals of the My Dog is Family calendar photo contest as much as we are. Some have suggested that we find an additional way to get the contest entries in front of public eyes. Thanks guys - Great idea. We're spinning some thoughts around and will see what we can come up with. Hopefully we can find a fun way to show off a bigger number of these heartwarming pix, outside of our 2010 calendar.

If you've submitted an entry, don't forget to promote it around the Net using the handy-dandy share feature located just beneath the Log In button of your photo page. You can launch your favorite entries anywhere you're hooked up (facebook, twitter, etc) via this tool. ---->

Some recent entries that have us smiling:

Eloise of New York is owned by Bara Sapir. Bara says that, "Eloise closes my laptop computer if she thinks I've worked too much." Smart doggy. I sure could use a helper like that.

Lolabean Starlett's photo makes us want the small fluffy as much as we want to squeeze Miss Bean. Lucky Alissa of Medford, NY.

Ollie and his beautiful friend know exactly what family means. Submitted by Rana Pawlowski (Paw-lowski, really? love it) of Tullahoma, TN.

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who wouda thunk it?? said...

I love the Lolabean and Starlet pic too. It's in my top five favorites

taemo said...

Wow! I love big dogs. This blog is so cool in terms of dogs' picture.

lynette said...

the best breeds smile like this. too special

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the photos and stories could be used in some format where there are breed bans (or where they are being considered)? I can't resist reading all of the stories and many of them share the same theme: dog was rescued from a shelter or other bad circumstance and is now the pride of the family. If we all know this is possible, surely seeing hundreds of these stories and photos might convince others?