Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oklahoma Music

We're still trying hard not to think about - you know - "that" person, and we've been so caught in the details of the bust dogs in the midwest that it's been a strangely effective distraction. But this op-ed from WaPost writer Richard Cohen needs to be called out. It's a crystal clear piece that capsulizes what thinkers everywhere have been saying....

A League of His Own "Being able to throw a football is a good way to quickly get past a heinous crime." - Richard Cohen

But, back to our favorite distraction: The good news that comes out of the bad...

This buggy eyed little darling is getting ready to go live in New Orleans and become a part of Sula Foundation's adoption program. She survived a dog fighter in Oklahoma just in time to enjoy a new way of thinking that supports the rescue of evaluated victims of cruelty. We'll have more details and happy dog photos in a few days as this batch of "MO bust dogs" goes home. We have a lot of people to thank once this Oklahoma shelter says good-bye to its last dog from the big HSMO-lead dog fighting raid.

Not-dead-yet Nelly!

We're sorry Tim scared everyone by mentioning that Nelly is in heaven with Aberfoil in the comment section! That boy's brain cells have been smoking and I think he needs a couple of days off. To confirm that Nelly's in the heaven-on-earth style of heaven, here's a little slideshow where she makes a couple of guest appearances, compliments of foster mom Sara Scott. Sara reports that she and Aberfoil are such junkies for each other that when play time over, they paw and coo at each other through their crates. Aberfoil has a strong suitor right now so Miss Nell may be saying good-bye to her best boy soon. Sob!


Kirsten said...

Sweet. Annie's sooo cute... and Aberfoil, and Nelly...

Heh, poor Tim. My heart jumped in my chest when I read the word "heaven", too, but then I read Aberfoil's name and that put it in context (I'd recently checked out the 'available dogs' page). It was a nice post, and nice to hear. I usually give $25-$50 donations, and wish it could be more, but send them anyway, remembering when I worked as a door to door fundraiser: I often did better in the poorer neighborhoods, where everyone chips in a few bucks and chats about the cause. Richer neighborhoods, if those one or two big check-writers weren't home, I was screwed.

It's easy to give to BR-- I just want you guys to keep doing what you do, and you do...

Donna said...

Thank you Kirsten.

Your comment about from-the-heart response you got fundraising in the poorer neighborhoods really struck a chord.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos of Nelly and Aberfoil....they're so cute together!
I love his crooked little grin.

A box packed with TJ PB treats should arrive by close of business tomorrow...... ;)


Boris said...

Hey Tim,

Wanted to whine in earlier, as I can relate. Posting here is more of challenge than reachin' into the food bowl of a new rescue.

Oh to fear:
- blog reader's comments, or
- Donna's "take a break" remark?
Why do I think both just motivated you to work even harder (if possible).

Keep paradise open(on earth) for these pups, while always savoring your 'red' breaks!

We'll check-back,

Boris' OEL

p.s. Wow - those hanging 'pink' lips and broadhead 'look' puts Aber-babby in the Boris clan.

Connolly Portraits said...

Uh oh...somebody needs to bite that boo boo lip!! I LOVE IT!!!

Chelsea said...

Love love love the photos! The only thing better than a jowly pibble face is one adorned with ribbons. Isn't it funny how hard it is to get a picture of a pit bull that is NOT of their big ole faces? Every time I point a camera at my girl, she gets all kissy and I can't get her to look at anything but the camera.

As for that New Orleans-bound girl: my heart skipped a beat over that cuteness. With her stocky body and imploring eyes, that dog is built for some hard core cuddling.

Nichole said...

I'm in love with Nelly. What are her long term plans?