Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good news comes in threes

Petal's challenge has been MET! Guess who showed up to help us with the last chunk of change needed to push us over the mark? It was Lolo's brand new family - Oaklanders Meg & Thomas Cosby! What a cool thing.

Our primary help for Lolo's broken knees came from blog readers. You helped us save this girl's life - literally - when we were faced with impossible decisions. She was later patched up good as new by ace orthopedic veterinarian Richard Schwach and his staff at Avenues Pet Hospital in SF. It's been a long hall for Lolo and her foster family, but we're happy to report that she's going home next weekend. Home! We're grateful to everyone who chipped in to help this foreclosure orphan find her future - and now - to Lolo's new people for turning around and helping BR's barn raising.

Thank you Petal Berkey and Friends for inspiring good.

The same day that Meg & Thomas donated to raise the barn, we got help from Will Stearman, Dixie Wells, Cendall Williams, LeeAnne Miller and Sara Reusche to help us reach our goal. Their gifts are going to kick off another large matching gift grant that came in this week. It's such an exciting new challenge that I'll wait and devote a separate blog post to it so it doesn't get buried.

Good News #2
Ambassadog Retha is in her new home for keeps after being courted by Thomas Lopez and Claudia Hernandez. Thomas is an Oakland Police Officer and he told us that he's brought so many strays to the shelter during his shifts that he knew he wanted to give a home to a shelter orphan once the time was right. This is Claudia on adoption day at Pit Ed class. Happy much, girls?

Good News #3
We'll never get tired of seeing Roo and Clara Yori and their dogs Hector and Wallace in the news. I had to watch this video report three times just soak up every bit of the happy. Great quotes from Roo, too.

ROCHESTER - Disgraced NFL quarterback Michael Vick is getting a chance at a new life, after serving federal prison time for dog-fighting. Fortunately, some of his victims also got new lives, including one who ended up in Minnesota. His name is Hector and he's turned out to be an irresistible pit bull. Andrew Yori holds Hector, a 50 pound pitbull, like a baby and kisses him repeatedly. - Beth Jett
See the kisses:


who wouda thunk it?? said...

so how is squeaka-fest going at your house?? hehe would love to hear a short vid.
PS. I keep playing the Tugtug video and singing with it, I think I'm in love! to bad I have six already and he's a zillion miles away.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to start my Sunday morning! Right on - Congratulations - and Awesome news video! Maybe some more good news can come out of the rally in Denver on Tuesday!

ingrid said...

Oh my goodness I sure needed some good news!! Thank you!!! That was a great video too! I've been talking about Wallace for a while now without realizing who he was or knowing his name. I saw them in a competition a while back and told everyone the winner was a Pit Bull. So wonderful.
And the photos of Retha are priceless, absolutely!

Thanks so much for trying to keep us all focused on the good. It is so very much needed right now.

leigha said...

happy tears! yay for hector, he is quite a guy.

Mike Sweeney said...

Hector is a great ambassador for the breed and rehabilitation, and truly an amazing pup.

Anonymous said...

Hector being held upside down and being covered in kisses is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. Bless everyone of you that helped heal these beautiful creatures.