Thursday, August 27, 2009

the Car Ride of Life

TugTug reminded me the other day that Life is one big long and bumpy car ride. It's exciting and fun and sometimes it makes us a little (or a lot) sick to our stomach. Even when we barf on the way to where we're trying to go, the trip is made easier with a friend or two to lean on.

So many emotions today - for Sweet Jasmine - for the butchered pit bulls of Philly and for their advocates. Trying to hang loose here and remember that the bumps in the road are all part of what makes this bittersweet journey so fascinating.

H/T to Dina for this news link outlining Philly's history on dog fighting convictions (not good): Pit Bulls in Pain
“It’s very, very rare for judges to give prison time for dogfighting in Philadelphia,” said George Bengal, the PSPCA Director of Law Enforcement. “It’s just not a priority here. Philly’s always been a Mecca of dogfighting, but after Vick it exploded,” said Bengal. “He’s an idol.”

And, to make a donation to Recycled Love in honor of Sweet Jasmine's life: LINK

Finally, a SLIDESHOW of Tug's car ride (barf scenes omitted). We know how you feel, little buddy. Boy, do we.


staffords4me said...

The photos of TugTug and his friend are absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us. I'm wishing Tug happy journeys for the rest of his life and also hoping that there will always be a friend for him to lean on.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA poor little guy! Dont worry little fella Im with ya! I get that way to.
Its funny Donna, when we took him that night to spend the night with us in our room he was a little Green at the gills, but I held his paw all the way to our room in the backseat of our rental car!! I bet the rental car company Loved all the dog hair we were able to decorate the back seat with ! ( smile)
Its so Great to see Tug Tug in those pics, hes such a cool little dude!

Lynn said...

Who is Tug's friend in the photos?

Amanda said...

Hey Tug, stop winking at me...I have a housefull already, I swear! What a stinkin' cutie, looking like a mere pup next to that big handsome guy. =)

My heart goes out to all the dogs in Philly. =( Now is as good a time as any for the judicial system to start taking these heinous crimes more seriously. Sad they haven't always been taken seriously, though. ={

Jess said...

Thanks for the smiles today Donna. Is that Phatman with Tug Tug? Whoever it is, Tug Tug is lucky to have a big, comfy pal to lean on when he's feeling queasy!

As a pit bull lover and a former Philadelphian, I've been feeling sick a lot these past few weeks. I've been joking that I caught the M1V1 virus (it's similar to the swine flu, except swine are so much smarter than Mr.Vick. I guess I've got the scumbag flu?) Luckily, no one took photos of my barfy moments.

I'm sending lots of love to Tug Tug, Nelly, Retha, Sal, and all the other clowns out there who are keeping me smiling in these tough times. Power to the Pit Bulls!

Josie and Pele's Mom said...

Great slide show! Seeing photos of those two goofy guys is a good way to smooth out the bumps in anyone's road a little.

Is it just me, or does Tug look a little green in the second to last photo? I'm guessing that photo was taken immediately before or after the barf incident.

And what a nice doggie Phatty is to lend his caboose to be a pillow for TugTug.

RIP, Sweet Jasmine, and much love to her family (all of them - adoptive and at Recycled Love).

The Foster Lady said...

Awwww Donna, you didn't have to omit the barf scenes...all of us on this blog have had our share of poop, pee and barf. It's part of our lives, because these dogs are part of our lives. Just wear your muck boots out in that yard!

Yeah, it sure is hard to say you live in Philadelphia these days....I always knew it was bad, but now, everyone else knows too. I hang my head in shame for this city.


PS And to find out tonight that Vick is renting a place in Roxborough, about 5 miles from my former house, makes it so, so, so much worse.

leigha said...

my thoughts are with those who live so close to such crap, just keep your chins up and keep doing what you do. you know eventually good will prevail. i can somewhat feel your pain so to speak, as i live in richmond va. where that "dead eyed mans" court date was a couple years ago, and we are not far from that horrible place in surry county. we must be strong and just continue to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. good thoughts and good vibes for better days.

Boris said...

Hey Phat-Man,
You're working on best supporting role in these photo's (though you do steal the scene). I'm thinking your Aunt Donna should run a picture caption contest with that shot. (are you playing center to Tug-tug as QB?)

Hey Tug-ster,
I relate, as a prince of the 'bobble-head' car dogs. When we do corners or bumps, it is head-slinky motion, ergo nausea. So, my folks won't feed me before road trips (and oops, make sure I dump before).
My Sheena mate like Phatman tries to help. She taught me a trick to rest my chin on a seat or window sill. But, you'd need a kiddie booster seat.

Keep your view to the horizon and the the nearby disorientations are put in perspective,


Game-over, not impressed, fell asleep trying to see hyp-#07-rite play.

leigha said...

oh and i also must add that i enjoyed that slide show of tug and his friend so much i had to watch it twice, it brought a much needed smile to my face.

willeyfromtroy said...

As always .. the most profound wisdom about life comes from our 4-legged friends :-)

Thanks for sharing the photos in this post - my 3 pitties and I are sending all dogs in need and their advocates best wishes for more of the fun and exciting stuff and less barf!