Thursday, August 20, 2009

happily ever after can be temporary

Sweet shelter dog Ella just scored a home that will give her everything she ever dreamed of: Stuffed animals, cookies, visitors, friendship, love. Dogs are zen masters about living in the moment, so we feel good knowing that, even though her time is temporary, she doesn't know (or care) what a calendar is. She's our latest compassion hold case, and thanks to BR volunteers, she's getting every luxury in her final days.

Ella's challenge is her advanced age and the fact that she's not willing to share her people with other dogs. Unfortunately dividing the home with baby gates has not been a big selling point, so she ran out of options. We'll keep our ears peeled though just in case someone is willing to give her a long-term safe space free of pesky youngins.' But either way, she's living happily inside every single moment and she's teaching us how to soak up the NOW. Bless you, Ella.

Petal's Challenge - Sooo Close!

We're only 193 dollars away from making a big BIG jump on our fundraising scale. Lori Lubin, Carol Krena, Paula Vanlare and Eryn Smith all muscled the bar up within inches of our big 10K matching gift run this morning with their generous paypal donations. Thank you ladies! If you heard the sound of cheering from the general direction of Oakland CA today, that was us!


thomas said...

Just donated $200

Dianne in DC said...

I'm sending you another check with matching form, that will put you over your goal. My mom had to PTS her 17 1/2 year old Old Yeller dog on Friday, and the shelter PTS a pitbull for aggression, so I'm remembering them by donating to you.

Martine said...

Woohoo! Only a little bit to go to the matching! That's awesome news.

Ella sure looks like a sweetheart, I hope she find a kiddie and doggie free home really soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, crate and rotating isn't so bad! In fact, it guarantees that we people spend some undivided time with each precious pitty. Wish I had room for Ella.

Lynn in N. Cal

Donna said...


We've made the pledge - thanks to you know who! ;-) We'll be uploading the happy news into a formal post later today.

... Off to do a happy dance now!

Anonymous said...

I can attest to both Ella's sweetness and the joys of a senior girl. She's definitely worth the (small) trouble of crate and rotate. If I didn't already have a spicy old bitch (and a put upon boy) at home, I'd snap her up myself.


Princess said...

Thank you for teaching us to live in the moment Ella. Even if your days are numbered as they seem to be, know that you are loved and will be mourned way over here in TX.

Sara in MN said...

Thank you for doing these so-important compassion holds. If I could figure out a way to cover medical bills, I would have a house full of rescued seniors.

I'm sorry I couldn't donate more, but am in the process of buying my first house so my dogs will have a yard of their own and so I can start fostering Pits again. I forgot to put "barn raising" in the comments, but it really doesn't matter what my donation goes for as I know it will be used well.