Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twelve new CGC stars close out the month

A big day for bay area pit bulls: Twelve dogs earned their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificates today thanks to the steady dedication of coach Linda Chwistek, AKC certified evaluator Jennie Keifer and some very dedicated dog families. We're starting to lose track of the overall number of Vick dogs that've earned their CGC, but you can go ahead and add Amazing Grace to that growing list (thank you Cris Cohen!).

These certificates don't come easy. Not only is Judge Jennie very tough on the handlers, most of the participating dogs first had to survive some crappy lives way before getting the chance to prove themselves today.

But it was Stella Polari's perfect score (above) that choked me up the most. Talk about a turn-around - She was born into the wrong house (drug house) in the wrong city (Detroit) with the wrong owner who failed her in every possible way. The only thing that worked in her favor was the dumb luck of our chance meeting, and then, scoring the friendships that set her on course. I wish we could fly to Detroit every month and grab us up another Stella or three....But maybe that's not necessary. We were doing somersaults when we learned that Stella's former shelter has quietly started adopting out pit bull "mixes" - a brave new policy for an org that used to shun their best blockheads. Michigan Humane Society Pit bull Adoptions! If you live in the area and have been considering a new pet, please support them when you do your search, and share the news of their dogs with other pet owners. If you're shopping, maybe you'll even run into one of Stella's kinfolk, now in need of a home. Congrats to Team Pibble diva Elizabeth Kennedy and your best girl, Stella. We heart you both.

Shy Guy Frodo braved the exam today and although he's still too skeered to pass all ten tests, we're so proud of him for showing up with a big smile on his face, ready to give it a go. His big sista Jhumpa has some words of support for the little guy. She just passed the exam herself on the east coast! Congrats to her ever-optimistic human, Kathleen, and rescue sponsors Richmond Animal League.

We'll be uploading all 12 bay area heroes to our CGC Hall of Fame page soon. Below, Judge Jennie tests a dog's response to being examined and groomed. (This was Elvez, who passed his exam last August.)


Kari in Alaska said...

I am so proud of you guys. Mesa and I realized we needed more work before testing this week but we promise to be ready for the next exam!

Boris said...

March Pin-up Stella,
You own the calendar for the month with both your beauty and your CGC charm. Maybe not the tipping point for the Motor City, yet great hope!

Now get your lady people back out on the tri-athon road again. I might not be doing that cross-training, but I'm working on my recall real hard. Out running from one end of a football field to another for my people.

You deserve a big 'play-bow', and keep encouraging your Frodo. We've got great hopes for her. So I'll,

Check-Back, Boris

Anonymous said...

Ah Stella, the picture of you hugging your 'human' a year and a half ago, has stayed with me this whole time. I currently have a bait-dog 'hugger' foster in my house and a more loving dog you could not know. I am so pleased to see you looking slightly more 'hefty' and obviously very happy. We are happy for you out here on the East Coast. Keep it comin'


Anonymous said...

You`re my heart dog.
You are the reason for rescuing Fight Bust Dogs.
You are the teacher.
Just like the special needs kids I taught,
I learned more from them than they ever learned from me.

Anonymous said...

Way to go guys!!! Proud of all of you. Take a victory ZOOMIE! MUAH!

Anonymous said...

yay for all the pittie stars and all the hard work they and the humans have done. its nice to see richmond animal league mentioned, as i live in richmond va with my two amazing pitties.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Stella and yeah for the Motor City babies. As a Michigander transplanted to California I am happy to hear of the hope for the Detroit pibbles. Now if there could ever be hope spread to Pontiac that would be boyfriend did community service at the Oakland Animal Shelter and pibbles were always pouring through their doors.

Anonymous said...

Frodo looks so dashing in his 'lil sweater. I always look out for Frodo updates because he reminds me of my skeerdy dog, Violet, who I adopted in May. Vi was an abuse case who was four months old when she went to the shelter, where she spent another (crucial, formative) four months in an outdoor kennel (ahem, cement box) with NO interaction. She LUUURVES other doggies, kitties, bunnies, and birds, but new people and new places are still pretty scary! I continually socialize her in hopes that when day she'll pass the CGC and ultimately be a therapy dog, which I suspect is my tender girl's true calling.

But anyway, Vi and Frodo also share a dorky smile and passion for fashion.

Thank you, BAD RAP, for making people believe in this breed. Shine on, Stella.

Anonymous said...

I watched the CGC class going on, and I swear It brought a warm feeling in my soul, to wtch these dogss do such an amazing job , they were all so Wonderful to watch.
My hat off to all of them!

Anonymous said...

Stella, you are making your hometown proud! I'm glad Michigan Humane is finally changing their policies.

Michigan loves you Stella!!!