Monday, February 16, 2009

ALERT - Wilkes County dogs ordered destroyed

Two HSUS reps gave testimony today declaring the dogs from the Wilkes County fight bust dangerous. These dogs have not been evaluated, and no rescue voices were heard in this hearing. The dogs had NO advocates speaking on their behalf.

As a result, the judge has ordered all the dogs, including approximately 60 puppies, to be destroyed. It may be too late, but please phone the numbers in the post below and pray for a miracle.

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Anonymous said...

All phone numbers
or is there a high priority number which will have the biggest impact?

KathrynDale said...

Calling, e-mailing, praying. I literally felt like I got punched in the chest when I read this.
Thanks, Donna, for letting us know. This is the hard part about loving pits so much.

Brian Cluxton said...

This is outrageous. Thank you, Donna, for your efforts. I've written a blog post about this as well and have sent the same to National HSUS and our local HSUS rep in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

I just heard about this and came to see if you had the info posted here. My blood is boiling.

Ironically, earlier today I encountered the first truly aggressive pit bull I've ever been called to evaluate. First one ever. And, of course, he was the victim of abuse.

Anonymous said...

Why were no Rescue voices heard?
Were they not allowed to speak or were they not able to appear or do you mean they spoke but no one listened?

This is sickening.
Can that Judges ruling be appealed by anyone?

If this isn`t enough to stop 30 million folks from donating to HSUS,what is?

Elizabeth Kennedy said...

Called. Fingers crossed.

Jen Mo said...

Where are the #'s, I didn't see them.

Donna said...

Jen ---

Wilkes County Board of Commissioners
110 North Street
Wilksboro, NC 28697
Phone: 336-651-7346
Fax: 336) 651-7568

Wilkes County Attorney Tony Triplett
Vannoy, Colvard, Triplett & Vannoy
922 C Street
P.O. Box 1388
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
Phone: 336-667-7201
Fax: 336-838-7250

District Attorney Tom Horner
500 Courthouse Drive Suite 2022
Wilkesboro, NC 28697
Phone: 336-667-6361 or 667-2994
Fax: 336 667-7999

Anonymous said...

i will call email and fax and i have forwarded this info to others i have contact with on the web who speak up for pitties in particular. this is truly heartbreaking, and yes this is the hard part of loving pits so dearly, but my heart is with them always. and i will always speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. the dogs always pay the ultimate price. the hsus is really starting to irritate me with their constant ignorance toward pit bulls.

Andrea said...

Hi everyone, thank you all so much for your work. I've called all three offices and left messages. When calling the District Attorney's office, however, the receptionist told me that Fred Ballard (?) was actually handling that case in place of Tom Horner, so I left a message there. PLEASE let me know if there is anything else I can do to help save these animals.

Anonymous said...

I called and left messages; when I spoke with someone at the Board of Commissioners, they mentioned that Wilkes County Attorney Tony Triplett was the one that I should speak with. I emailed him yesterday and phoned him first thing this morning; he wouldn't take my call, but the assistant, Terri, implied that he was receiving LOTS of calls. I spoke with her for a bit, and hopefully, this inundation will make an impact. She doesn't know when the dogs are due to be euthanized. Please keep calling!!

Leila said...

Well S#)$*#%T! I'm sorry to start out with profanity, but nothing else can sum up the rank stupidity of the uneducated and fearful.

Sunday night Nature had a great program that talked about the nature cats and dogs and the human interaction. They didn't talk about breeds specifically, but they showed several pit bulls among the loved and social dogs that were dog, people and cat social. The best quote from the dog trainer was that the problems were seldom on the dog end of the leash but on the human end.

I'm just plain angry, how do you 'retrain' puppies? I can only hope that they never ever find themselves on the wrong end of the prejudice and discrimination that they are spreading like manure.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a lawyer, it seems that the only way to save the dogs is if the County, as legal owner of the dogs, appeals the Judge's ruling and an appeals court overrules that decision. I emailed the County's attorney and asked that he discuss this option with his client, and I directed him to sources of information regarding the success of the Vick dogs. Unless there is a resident of the County who wants to try to intervene on the dogs' behalf, which would take some creative lawyering, this seems to be the only way to save the dogs at this point. The more people from Wilkes County who participate in communicating with the County officials, the better - they are the ones who cast the votes in the local elections.

Anonymous said...

horrific news-what a total travesty of justice. the county & the judge are just as bad as the offenders. the innocent animals always pay in the end.