Sunday, February 22, 2009

a nip and a tuck - Lolo, Nelly news

Bionic Lolo is living in a fog of sedatives while her foster family works to keep the Wallaby girl still ... Not easy for a dog so full of life. We'll update as she's allowed to try out those new knees. We really appreciate everyone who's donated towards her fund. Bless you! That dog must've been born with lucky rabbit's feet.

Next is Nelly, who's getting herself healthy enough for surgery. We're waiting for her white blood cell count to improve just a bit more ... maybe one more week before we go. Our vet puzzled over best ways to create new nostrils and keep them from re-sealing like an unused piercing once they heal, but with a few well placed sutures tucked up high, she's optimistic that she'll be able to breathe again for the first time. Imagine - no more gasping, rasping, chortling like a little dragon. We have to wonder - Will she still be Nelly or will we sorta miss her 'special' noises? 

Below, Nelly and cohort TugTug make the most of their first untethered zoomie party in our house together, compliments of the rainy season. The best bits come from our wide-eyed, gray muzzled Lola, who just can't seem to believe her eyes: "Wha? The underlings get to run loose now? Oh crrraaaap. What's the world coming to?" Don't worry Lola. Your job's still safe.


Leila said...

Nelly's face is beautiful. It's the eyes. They are so full of life and love. How can you not fall in love with her! I can't wait for her to be fully healthy.

Anonymous said...

Beauty-ous! So funny how the other dogs just sit there chill watching the ruckus!

Anonymous said...

You realize that video defies the laws of.....well you know.....those who want to kill them.

Speedy recover Bionic.
1 knee down,1 to go at our house in a couple of days.
Thank Dawg for the fog of sedatives.

Hoping all goes well with Nelly.
So glad you saved her.

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery Bionic.
1 knee down,1 to go this week at our house.
Thank Dawg for that sedative fog.

You`ll be in my prayers Nelly when you have your surgery.

That video sort of defies the rhetoric of those who advocate for death for these dogs...or is that just my interpretation?
They look better off there than dead.

Anonymous said...

I obviously have to lay off those fog inducing sedatives and give them to the dog.

Anonymous said...

I think Nelly is from Kansas - I'm sure I saw her in the Wizard of Oz!

Good luck with all your rehabs.

restoration42 said...

Nobody can ruckus like a happy pittie. This reminds me I have to take Stella so she can have some good ole fashioned rough and tumble with my son's two pitties. She tries to play with Lena, my aussie/kelpie, but Lena just tries repetitive domination moves so Stella gives up - BORING.

Anonymous said...

Here I thought having 1 pit with the zooms was crazy!!

Donna said...

Count: Three "I'm way too cool for this" pit things, two maniac youngsters and the grumpiest of all -- the unseen senior husky-x tucked away where he can't cause trouble by being a self-appointed traffic cop.

The truly awful part is that we're so used to this kind of chaos that we miss it when we're down in numbers.

And ya think Peta people are nuts? lol

Anonymous said...

That video is magic. I am so in awe of and in love with Nelly, my God that dog just touches something deep in me. Thanks for the update I love all your charges and wish them all the best but there is just something about Nelly and of course Frodo.

Donna said...

I agree with you anon about the magic of Nelly and Frodo both! There's something about those soulful eyes and their 'against all odds' stories. If you haven't had the pleasure to meet these two yet, they're even warmer and more beautiful in person.

Anonymous said...

Your home is like Pittie Disneyland! What fun!

My little rugrat causes all kinds of chaos during her daily zoomies through the house....rugs squished up against walls, toys tossed all over the place...I cannot imagine having those two little rockets running loose at the same time.

I just love the shots of Lola, Sally and the all-white pittie...just trying to gently get the hell outta the way of Hurricane Tug Tug and Hurricane Nelly.

Now THAT's entertainment!

Donna said...

"Now THAT's entertainment!"

Sure, the kind of entertainment that makes one nail down their rugs. Never thought I would be putting nails into our hardwood floors, but it's the only thing that works!

Anonymous said...

So I have been assuming she was born without a proper nose/nostrils? I hope the surgery goes well so she can breathe properly. But I must say I find her little nose (or lack of) so endearing, I just want to kiss it!

Abby said...

ohhhh!! Poor, poor Lola. That kind of ROWDY behavior does not belong in such a dignified lady's home!!! She is CLEARLY mortified.

Anonymous said...

I never get tired of watching and re-watching that vid! Those little characters are so much fun to watch -- as I can see by the looks on the older dogs' faces.
You are so lucky to have a house full of pittie love!

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to see Nelly and Tug playing like that. Especially since I have met these dogs and saw where they had been.They are beautiful dogs and someone is going to be very lucky to have their love.

Thank you so much for taking these sweet babies and giving them their chance.

Anonymous said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee TUG TUG