Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Needed: Wire Crates for Shots Fairs

Edit: We are set for crates now, thanks to wonderful donors!

This Sunday March 1, we'll be back out in Oakland neighborhoods offering resources to low-income pit bull owners at one of our quarterly Celebrate Your Pit Bull Shots Fairs.

We're a little short on wire crates, used to help clients keep rowdier dogs safe while they fill out forms and stand in line.

Do you have a medium or (especially) large wire crate that you're willing to donate? 

If you live in the SF bay area, we'd be happy to come pick it up. Or, we invite you to drop it by our Pit Ed Class this Saturday so our dogs can give you a proper slurp of thanks. Contact Frodo's mom Kim to arrange:

Thank you! Please check back next week for news & pix from the fair!


Luc said...

Put an ad in Craigslist in the all for sale/wanted section, asking for donations of wire crate crates for non profit Rescue.

Anonymous said...

i have one to donate but i live in richmond va so that doesnt help much i guess. i am going to donate it along with some extra stainless steel bowls i have to the local pit bull rescue here.