Sunday, June 05, 2011

getting organized - the Barn Dog Blog is born

So much info, so many ways to post it around.

Blogs, website, e-alerts, facebook and more blogs. Eek! We're currently working to re-do BR's website - affectionately known as the mothership - but while we organize ourselves around the many pieces of this work, we're doing a little housecleaning here and have added fancy new tabs (above) to make it easier for readers to access info. Cool, huh?

It's a work in progress so please share your feedback. The artist in me is happiest when my favorite things are scattered around in crazy places and colorful piles, so I'm utterly fascinated and envious of minds that know how to create order.

With the Rescue Barn project picking up steam, we recognized the need for a separate place to share those stories, photos and lessons. So there's a new blog to bookmark.

Don't be afraid, we're organizing it over there too. Not only will you hear from the various team members as we discuss the ebb and flow of canine residents, we've got fancy little tabs to help you keep track of the growing number of foster dog blogs, instructional videos, favorite links and even our wish list.

Our original blog will stay put right here and will continue to post updated info on events, issues and general items that affect the status and well-being of pit bulls around the country.


The Barn Dog Blog


Boris said...

OK - We'll call the "Barn Rescued" and refocus on the dogs.

Like a good pitbull, we'll follow you and your markings where ever you go. So, just make sure to hike and 'mark-over' on rss, FB plus newsletter when posts updates.

At least we don't need any more accounts or passwords. My peeps say we'll need more pets if we get anymore subscriptions needing passwords. I told them to just use all those other names they call Joey and me when we don't listen.

Eek! back at you,


Heather Cherry said...

GREAT idea!