Wednesday, June 08, 2011

a change-making feels-good truly-works alternative to BSL

Early this week, Pittsburg Mayor Will Casey presented BR with a lovely declaration, acknowledging our work. It was a huge honor, of course. But in return, we have to acknowledge the City of Pittsburg's decision to embrace non-discriminatory dog owner support work. A humane approach can bring immediate change to communities that struggle with dog-related challenges, and without alienating dog owners or causing them to hide their pets away. More info on this approach: here.

We created this video using some of the wonderful photos captured by Karen Kinney at our Pittsburg event, done in partnership with Well-Pet Vet Clinic and four animal control officers from Contra Costa Animal Services. We hope this approach to dog ownership issues is more than catchy. It sure feels good, and it's getting the job done.

LINK for sharing just the video.


Boris said...

Very Nice Thoughtful video.

OK I'm a little squimish about needles and operations, but it gets the message across.

Keep documenting and sharing alternatives.

I'll check-back, Boris

Crystal said...

Shedding tears of joy! Thanks to all who supported that wonderful event!

bethann said...

This video was fantastic! All of these people who donated their time, resources etc, and all of the pet owners who came because they want to do right by their pets!! If more people did like this city in CA and try to fix the problem(s) instead of creating them with horror story headlines and breed bans, our dogs would be safer from public scrutiny and on-going discrimination. Thanks again BADRAP for another beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

Positive reinforcement and motivation works well to train dogs AND people alike. Nice work!

Jay said...

I could not find another way to tell you how much I love your work! I stumbled upon your blog only minutes ago and am the owner of a little pit bull terrier myself. Your work is amazing! Please keep it up! Girlie (my dog) and I love you all!