Monday, June 06, 2011

Audie's story - a book for all ages

We enjoyed a rather historic moment last night, in the comfort of a cozy bookstore in Berkeley. It was a the first public event to discuss 'Saving Audie.' The good folks of Books Inc. set up a couple dozen chairs for the kids that would file in, and elementary school teacher Charity Jara (who wrote the book lessons plans) was prepared to navigate their squirmy, happy voices.

Instead - surprise! - the chairs filled with adults. Kids at heart of course, who came out to meet the wriggly little hero dog and hear from his person, Linda Chwistek. It was a standing room only event, and the discussions were fabulous.

What a pleasure it was to see this book on display and in the good company of so much information and lessons and tales we tell our children to help them grow up to be wise, compassionate adults.

I've been very grateful to author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and photographer Bill Munoz for their dedication to this story, but never so much as last night, when we saw the book sittin' up all proud in the children's section of a bookstore.

The event showed us that the story really is for all ages. We look forward to learning how it influences its readers. My wish? hearing from young adults several years from now who tell us they grew up with this book.

Pit bulls, you've arrived. Bless your busy little hearts.

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