Friday, December 31, 2010

news year's eve message a la video

wishing everyone a warm and wonderful 2011 with many happy endings for the dogs!


J.M. said...

Happy New Year to all the Bad Rap dogs and folks.
Great video.
I just love how Elliott plays with those dogs and looks out for them.
Good job Elliott!

Melch said...

"tube full of dogs", hehehe. Thanks for the video, best wishes to all for the next year!

Meshel said...

What a great video. I have to admit, I stopped listening after the dogs went in the tube. That was so much fun to watch! Our dogs need one! I tried googling "dog tube", BIG mistake...don't do it! Can you please tell me who makes it, or better yet, where can we get one??! Thanks for all you do! Happy New Year!

Donna said...

@ Meshel. We'll take your advice! LOL
Look for 'agility equipment' on ebay and you should find what you need.
All best, Donna

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Josephine wasn't the first puppy snatched up! I would have taken her in a hot second if I had the space, although since you know what a Diva Osa Mae can be, you probably would have said no!

Happy New Year to you!


Donna said...

Josephine's been in a home for awhile, but we haven't done paperwork yet. Elliot tried hard to convince us that we should keep her tho,' but that golden application came in just when we were about to lose our minds. ;-)

The Foster Lady said...

I'm glad Elliot didn't win out though, because it creates space for you to take another like Prada Jane. So, so many people are being forced to give up their dogs now with the economy in such a mess. Thankfully, you were able to save her.

So glad to see the property/barn, so well used. Now, what about that swimming pool?

Anonymous said...

Amen sistah, what about that swimming pool?

Mike Sweeney said...

Happy New Years to you and yours!!