Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miss Natty has left the building.

From our 2005 Happy Ending story of the most wonderful Madeline:

Lady Madeline was found running stray on an Oakland street. She could've easily been dropped here from another century: With old world looks and casual, devil-may-care confidence, she seems to embody decades worth of wisdom and street smarts.

Her finder grabbed her up and filed lost dog reports in hopes of finding her family. No luck. So she was spayed, vetted and kept safe until a spot could open up in our program.

We took one look at this girl's big intelligent eyes and knew we had just met a very special little bulldog. She didn't disappoint: Natty is a friend to all and even maintains her ladylike composure around pushy dogs, despite the peppering of old bite scars on her face that serve as a reminder of a colorful past.

Her back legs are weak and don’t always work right, but in true Natty fashion, she pushes on through and shoulders her body weight on her powerful and motivated front end. That seems to be her m.o. - "When the going gets rough, chin up and carry on." Such a bulldog!

Her perfect match showed up in a woman named Stella, who was hoping for a gal just like Natty. They enjoyed a sweet friendship full of fun adventures. For many weeks after her adoption, Stella sent letters outlining their newest discoveries and simple pleasures together.

Natty died last week, and the news sucked a bit of wind out of us. Thank you for blessing us all with your friendship, little Natty. Warm condolences to her grieving human, Stella Winslow.


J.M. said...

Condolences to Nattie`s family and to all who knew this little girl.
Every time I read one of these farewell posts I get a lump in my throat.
I guess you love one,you love them all.

who wouda thunk it?? said...

what a lovely sweet face! condolences to Natty's mom.

The Foster Lady said...

RIP Nattie and I remember your pics from Happy glad you had some good belly rubs and happiness in your last years. Elderbulls are the best!

Anonymous said...

Shine on,,,Shine brightly little star.

Linda said...

What a beautiful, sweet girl! So sorry, Stella, for your loss. I lost my dog-the love of my life-a month ago and I know your pain and sense of loss. Our lives get completely intertwined with theirs! We are truly blessed to have had them.

Natty isn't gone... just gone on ahead.

Dianne said...

Stella, I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my Aby-Maine Coon cat (ironically) while attending the No Kill conf this summer and hope to be getting a Mau kitty from my rescue friends soon. It is the only way I know to heal your heart.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Stella and Bad Rap, so sorry for your loss in sweet Nattie. We lost one of our girls, Daisy who past on a few weeks ago and she reminded me of Nattie, complete with weak hips and legs -for her from too many dog attacks -she too was a hard dog to lose. I'm finding comfort in thinking that Daisy and Nattie are off playing together, healed and happy again! Thanks for sharing her with us.

Lynn in N. Cal

Anonymous said...

What a little beauty... I seem to remember her "available" write up saying something about her Betty Davis eyes? Maybe I'm mistaken but either way, I do recall watching her via the site when she first came into BadRap and being so happy for her when she got her forever home! It has to be terribly difficult to be missing such a vivacious gal but surely she will always live on in your heart and memories. So very sorry for your loss, Stella.
~Chrissy from Vermont

Millie - Ft Myers said...

Those back legs will work just fine once you run across that Rainbow Bridge sweet Nattie. Bless you Stella for making her last years undoubtedly her best years, I hope you find some comfort in that.

Elizabeth Kennedy said...

What a sweet picture of Natty in that last frame. She looks like she was such a happy, good girl.

Debi said...

My condolences to Stella on the loss of Natty. What a cutie. I lost my best Buddy on December 12, 2008. I can empathize with the pain everyone who knew her personally must feel. I cried a lot when I first lost Buddy, but I smile more now when those precious memories pop in to my mind. I, too, would like to believe Buddy is playing with Natty and Daisy. Buddy loved the ladies.

* said...

i get teary just reading this. so sad to hear of your loss. what a cute and sweet dog you had. i'm so glad she had a great home and loving family. keeping you in my thoughts.
-katie, slc, Utah