Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yes, Oklahoma

We've made a commitment to Oklahoma to assist authorities with making decisions for the starving dogs that have captured dog lovers' hearts this holiday season. Hurricane Newkirk.
It's way too soon to say how many can be helped; First, the defendant has to face the judge, and the judge has to agree to release the dogs to rescue. It looks good, but just you never know.

Making sense of these kinds of situations can be very difficult. It's hard to know who's calling the shots and who's able to be on the ground to help with logistics. Hurricane Katrina taught us all that too many cooks in the kitchen can muddy a rescue and sour feelings, causing some to say 'No' to the next batch of animal victims. We can't have that.

But at this time - because this is the giving season - I wanted to give a shout out to Undersheriff Kelly who asked for help, and to all the Oklahomans who've poured their kindness into caring for the dogs while they wait. An Oklahoma-based group is currently providing the logistical support that we'll need to pull this off. We expect to offer up thanks to other orgs that we know are out there, poised to help the dogs, but let's get this thing rolling first.

If do get out there, we promise to do our best to help the most likely candidates for adoption programs. (And did someone say it was c-c-cold in Okahoma? Drat. I guess I gotta get me a winter coat.)


While the country is focused on helping pit bulls, please give generously so more of us can do more of this work. Our current Newsletter outlines ways to donate while you shop. On behalf of the dogs that are counting on all of us, thank you!


Anonymous said...


Breaks my heart again and again to see the conditions these dogs have had to endure. That they even give people another chance, after being so mistreated, is amazing.

Send some of those pit bulls to Monterey County. We've got plenty of love to go around for more pit bulls.

Boris said...

Elf Donna,

You do have the spirit of the season, as do the OK folks ("If it wasn’t for all the volunteers coming out to take care of the animals,” Kelly said, "we wouldn’t be able to do it.”)

They say the only thing holding back the artic wind is a couple barb-wire fences between Kansas and Canada. So, like the Natives, 'dress in layers'. And, like the Bison, 'keep your head into the wind'.

I'm so glad these pups aren't from the:
"hotbed of dog fighting"
where you get
"... a point ...gift".
Thinking about it, even living in plastic barrels seems a lot warmer than those cold needles in Houston. I wonder if that is why they have to double glove.

You got to feel good realizing that caring for these pibbles allows them a chance to become heart-warming members of their new homes.

What a great investment, Boris OEL

Leila said...

As always Donna you are the voice of reason and perspective. Thank you for your time and vigilence.

The spirit of giving is something that is not a seasonal thing but is something that should be in our heart year long.

The more we give the more we receive. That is a principle proven over and over. Love never runs out.

Anonymous said...

Any updates?

Heather said...

This makes me sick! Please update us as the man who is guilty goes to court tomorrow on the 17th! What makes me even more sick its not even a felony and he still has rights to those dogs...

Anonymous said...

Any news on the dogs? I'm in Wichita, KS and I'm hearing two different stories! One saying that they will most likely be euthanized and the other saying that BAD RAP is helping to assess the dogs to determine adoptability. This situation breaks my heart and angers me as I have two APBTs at home! I'm dying to find out what happening!