Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's still about the dogs.

A standing ovation to Los Angeles authorities for doing it right with this latest dog fight bust. The bad guys were tossed away to three and five year sentences in state prison for 10 counts of felony dogfighting. Story

Their attorney tried to downplay the crime, calling it "a low-grade felony," and rationalizing that "it isn't like selling narcotics to children." ... Because torturing animals is so much more acceptable in the grand scheme of things?

But L.A. Superior Court Judge Bowers pulled out the whoop ass: "It is a felony and it is a serious matter...Mr. Counts, I think to say that you made a bad decision is an understatement."

Good bust, good collection of evidence, good ruling - and no mention of the dogs as evil doers. Instead, five of the 17 dogs were absorbed into local rescues. And you gotta love that photo as an antidote to the evil doings in Texas last week.

Above Lead investigator in the case, Los Angeles Police Officer Susan Brumagin at a press conference. Bless you Susan for reminding us why we should care about these cases.


Anonymous said...

That picture says it all doesn`t it!
Abused but so grateful and still wanting to be loved by people.
I hope this Officer has a Pit Bull in her life.That would be one lucky dog.

Kirsten said...

That's excellent. *Woo hoo yay* to common sense and compassion. Houston's decision looks pretty flimsy, cruel, and downright lazy in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how these trashy types suddenly become remorseful when they get caught? They are only sorry that they got caught. And what kind of a person feels the need to defend them? Ugh...makes me sick. But, yay for the dogs that made it out alive. People can look to the work of BADRAP and Best Friends and see that these dogs are the victims and deserve a chance.

Natalie and Osa

Unknown said...

Great news, though I admittedly feel that 3-5 years for a bloodsport is a slap on the wrist.

Regardless, I wish those dogs the best of luck and a bright future. All dogs, no matter their head shape or coat color, deserve a chance at peanut butter filled kongs and belly skritches.

Anonymous said...

now THAT photo of Officer Brumagin deserves to be a postcard.. sent to all the miscreants of the Houston dog-killing gang (I don't DONT mean the dogfighters...)

Anonymous said...

"Seventeen dogs and four puppies were rescued from the house"

What a difference. To write that the dogs were "rescued" really underscores the change in public perception about the dogs. People are finally realizing that the dogs are the victims.


Anonymous said...

Good for the judge for calling it what it is, and yes, bless Officer Brumagin for caring enough to break this ring. We so needed to hear about this bust after the news from Houston. Thank you for posting it.

Boris said...

Hope - What a cover picture for it... it says it all. Thanks for sharing.

So, the editorials need to keep rolling in on Houston:
… Can we help prepare Winograd on what he can expect and be a resource to him around pit bulls?


"With the animal welfare issue at a crossroads in Houston, the time is especially opportune for city officials to seek advice from Nathan Winograd, the founder of the No Kill Advocacy Center in San Clemente, Calif. The former prosecutor has pioneered programs that drastically reduced the number of animals killed at shelters around the country.
As reported by Falkenberg, negotiations are under way to have Winograd visit Houston to review the BARC operation and make recommendations for reducing the use of euthanasia and increasing the number of animals rehabilitated and adopted. His work, which would result in a public report, will be funded by private donations the city has already received."
Call that Charity well spent.

Change requires a lot of all three virtues, so the Love with action needs to get moving in Houston. A lot of work ahead and no time for remorse (187 reasons).

CGC bound, Boris

Anonymous said...

Horray for Susan!! You deserve that big ol sloppy kiss. You are a true warrior!! You dedication and attention to detail has give those wonderful dogs a new leash on life.

Donna said...

Don't get your hopes up Boris. The Austin adoption lead who was slammed by Winograd's criticisms is someone who came to Pit Ed Camp to learn about better ways to help pit bulls...A bright woman who actually cares. His way of convincing people to change burns more bridges than it builds.


Houston needs people on the INSIDE who are ready to change. Nobody on the outside could fix Berkeley or Oakland, for example.

Anonymous said...

Omigod that photo is so awesome!!!!

Anne K. in L.A. said...

As an L.A. resident, I'm relieved to see that our city has a much better policy with regards to fight busts. Thanks for sharing this.

Thoughts said...

Bravo LA Judge who sentenced those a-holes. I hope they get the crap beat out of them in jail and I hope they are abused just like they abused poor defenseless animals.