Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top Ten Animal Stories

What is it?
Television producer Phil Boag studies the elusive canis familiaris fighting dog in preparation for filming a segment for a new Animal Planet TV special. It's called 2008: Year in Animals and will run down the top ten animal stories of the year.

The show will be aired several times, starting this Saturday, December 13.

Jonny Justice was filmed with his steady sidekick, Cris Cohen as part of the show. His story is up against a featherless SF penguin that was fitted with a wet suit, a dog that dialed up 911 for his person, few other animaly tales that slip my mind right now.

I wonder which story will make its way to number one? Whicheva! We're just glad that America gets to hear about the Vick dogs' success again...and that our homeboys are interviewed in front of Cohen's gorgeous '67 Nova. Check it out. And rock on with your bad self, Jonny Justice. Top Ten


Boris said...

Hey JJ,

Do you get to slobber the windows of a vintage Nova? That would be soo cool.

As the Calendar shows,
must be a right of passage going from bust-dog to 'car-friendly'. Also, looks like you need to borrow Bob's goggles and have your people get you a side-car for Xmas.

Car surfing buddy, Boris

Michele at Daily Dog Lick said...

Just wanted to say that you all do great work and this blog is terrific. I've cried many times reading the stories of your compassion and been encouraged by changes that seem to be happening in public perception.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness--I didn't realize how little Jonny is. I've seen many a picture of him, but this is just ... I dunno, ridiculous? I mean, lookit the human hand to pitty head ratio. And doze legs! Those stubbular little legs! And the flop-oh-riffic ears and rosy tummy [swoon]. He should so be on the cover of Tiger Beat next to Zac Efron and Chace Crawford.

Anonymous said...

I can just see the Media Headline now

"Television Producer loses finger to former Fight Bust Dog....well at least we think he did because we can`t see one digit.That`s our story and we`re sticking to it"

Anonymous said...

Vick dog(Abused by him,that is)set to appear on Ellen on Monday.

Boy these guys really are getting around.
Good to see.

Anonymous said...

That Jonny is about the goofiest guy I've ever seen. Thank goodness he got out, or who knows what horrible thing would have happened (hard to believe he would have been pitted)

Rock on , dood!

who wouda thunk it?? said...

watched the AP show last night, Johnny is a real poster boy for pibble, he looks so ipressive!

Pit Bull Ambassador said...

What a dork little dude! Gotta love him ! I saw him on ANimal Planet ..whoo hoo ..GO CHRIS ..GO JJ

Anonymous said...

Yay Teddles!!!!