Monday, December 22, 2008

Slideshow of Kay County dogs

Warm and fuzzy thanks to everyone who's written with your kind words. Your support means a lot to us.

I'm gathering spellings of people's names so we can offer a proper thanks to all the helpers in this case as part of our online debriefing, but the dogs are set to pull up very soon and we have some work to do. For now, visit the site with us in this Slideshow of the Kay County dogs.

We hope the little girl on the right will approve of CA's weather. (Who needs a nose when you have eyes like that?)

Thank you,


Leila said...

Wow! As usual thank you to you, your team, to the Kay County Sheriff's department, and everyone who cares.

Thank you for the pictures! They told a hard truth about people who shouldn't own dogs and the beauty of those canine souls who can survive.

I'll snuggle close to my wiggle-man tonight.

Anonymous said...

The only suitable penalty for people who abuse these dogs in this manner is the death penalty.
I believe that`s the only thing that will dissuade the wannabe abusers.
It`s time to save all the victims and put down all the abusers if and when they are found guilty in a court of law.
These people have no right to share this planet with humans or these dogs.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.... right in time to test my waterproof mascara!!

Donna... you guys rock!
Thanks for doing what you do....and setting a higher standard!

Colorado Pit Bull Rescue

Unknown said...

My heroes! (You and the dogs). :)

People claim one person cannot make a difference, yet you have shown time and time again that a few dedicated souls can create powerful change for these dogs. That compassion trickles out, I think. Keep up your tough, inspiring work.

NorCalRose & Riddick said...

While this situation is heartbreaking it is heartwarming to know that some will be saved. Bless you Bad Rap gang. I am going to go cuddle my Brindle Boy.

Anonymous said...

My God Donna! You truly are an Angel, you & all those who helped. I thought about you so much while you were gone. Len & are are proud to know a human like you. I cried when I read about this & for the tough decisions you would have to make. I can't think of anyone better to be the last human the dogs who didn't make it, to have contact with. You ROCK!! Bless you & all those who helped.
Love & Peace,
Len, Dona & Newman Fong

Anonymous said...

As featured in the slide show, I think it is amazing that so many of the dogs who suffered such horrible atrocities still appear so willing to accept human kindness!!!

What a sad, uguly society mankind has become.

I think I speak for many people who want to help you guys make life better for these dogs.
Donna, when you decompress and get things situated, can you blog and let us know what we can do to assist you in helping these dogs.



Anonymous said...

Aww...good job you guys. The "scared pup" is totally pulling at my heartstrings right now. Stacy

Anonymous said...

God I just sit and cry when I see this stuff. Thanks to you and your group for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Bless you all for what you've done for those dogs. May they blossom in your love and care.

Pip said...

Thank you for showing these dogs that there are angels in the world.

For that matter... thank you for showing us humans the same.

Kirsten said...

Good on you guys, yet again.
I wish I was there to pitch in with all your wonderful toiling, but for now I will simply continue to adorn myself in styley Bad Rap gear... (The Shelter Sweets calendar is adorable, BTW).
And, echoing others' comments, please let us all know if there is anything else we remote folks can do to help.

Anonymous said...

you kind souls at bad rap give me hope. the things you do for such needy dogs make such a huge difference. i only wish i lived out your way so i could volunteer to help out more with your rescue missions.

Boris said...


The pictures seem to say that just hugging-up one, let alone saving one seems worth it.

We've been watching the news to see who picked-up on th Kay County dogs moving:

Some great quotes.
....Steinberger praised the sheriff and county attorney offices for their efforts to care for the dogs. "They did not go for easy," she said. They went for quality.They were the best. ...."

On a lighter note, I've never heard Donna asks for skillets. Maybe that is what we are missing in Texas.

You all do need a weather break from cold and wet. Praying for a warm-dry front, Boris' OEL

Home2K9 Pack Leader said...

Heart. is. broken.

I'd been thinking about these dogs since you posted last and really appreciated the follow up today. It's incredible how so many of those pups were willing to trust again so soon... That's the beauty of dogs isn't it!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys made it back ok. Chance and Onyx are doing great. We are so proud of them. No accidents, no problems, love their kennels, eating great, already started with their trainer! We are absolutely in love.
Hope all is going well with your new additions out there.
Thanks again for all you did, I don't know what would have happened if you guys hadn't stepped in.
All the pups we met through this have changed our lives forever!
RIP you beautiful babies that are waiting for us...
Shawn and Amanda

~*Goldmoon*~ said...

Thank you so much for all the amazing work you do for these special dogs. I co-own an American Pit Bull Terrier/American Bulldog who has convinced many people the amazing qualities of his breed(s).
I hope some day to be in a position to foster.
Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you give to these dogs.
Thank you!!!!!!

Melrose said...

It breaks my heart that people to not have the same capacity for love and forgiveness that these dogs do.

You can see it in their faces "Are you here to help? Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

Thankyou BadRap for being there for these babes! And big sloppy kisses from Vashty and Duncan, too.

Anonymous said...

Bad Rap strikes again. The Buddha said all suffering comes from ignorance and for wanting that which is not given. Your work helps alleviate the suffering through the mindfulness of your work. Really there is no greater accomplishment than to make others acknowledge the suffering and then work to alleviate it through your dedication and commitment. You guys are my heros.

Anonymous said...

Dog bless you Donna & Tim and the rest of the BadRap crew for all your hard work for the pibbles.

Change is sometimes slow in coming but it will come someday and BR has made some major changes in the world of the pibbles.

Merry Christmas from my pibble kids... Molly, Ms. Annie, Tootsie Roll, and Flip

Lost Fantasy Rescue VA

Anonymous said...

Bless you Donna, Donyale, and all who helped these beautiful dogs. The pictures are among the most moving I've ever viewed. Thank you for making the trip.

TP said...

Another great story.....thank you BADRAP.

Tom, Kyle and the ladies at said...

I'm sorry- I can't look at the photos- I know, I'm an ass. It's not because I like to pretend it doesn't happen, it's because I will cry, vomit and have nightmares for months. I break windows in the summer outside of my office (which is directly across from a casino) to get dogs out. What you guys do is AMAZING. All of us that would be rocking in the fetal position and mumbling incoherently after seeing what you do thank you with all of our hearts.

Tom said...

They're just the way that you found them?

Donna said...

Are you looking for this set, Tom?

Tom said...

It was your choice to show a set of pictures in the first place that showed absolutely nothing wrong with the dogs. Even more frightening is that apparently no one has questioned this in almost two years. You've got someone scared to look at a bunch of happy dogs rolling in the grass with their new friends.

Now how was I going to look at the other set? You told me on my blog that you "spared the public." Really? It looks to me like you're having someone on.

Donna said...

Tom. All photos used in court as evidence are held on strict confidence until cases are closed. This case is now officially closed. We could march out the rest of our dead dog shots, but really - I think most people get it, especially considering the man was convicted as charged based on the evidence presented. What's scary to me is that a friend of Jerry Southern is scouring the internet, looking for ways to defend this man's actions.