Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let's get this party started! - Wanted: Fun for dogs

22 hours a day in a kennel is a looong time to wait for fun. This holiday, please consider giving to the sheltered pit bulls - either those in Oakland's kennels or closer to your home - or both! All toy donations go to BR's foster dogs, especially the kenneled Ambassadogs now living at the shelter. We also share around with the many, many other pit bulls that come in. Even the dogs that are under custody hold (below) and/or those that can't be adopted due to health or behavior reasons deserve some kindness before they go 'home.'

Our Wish List:

For downtime in the kennels...
Used blankets and towels for better naps.
Goods to freeze inside kong balls: Peanut butter, healthy wet dog food
Cans of unsweetened pumpkin to curb diarrhea
Healthy chewies: Bully Sticks, white shin, tibia or knuckle bones Link (no rawhide, pigs ear or smokey meat please since they tend to upset our sensitive divas' bellies)
Grizzly salmon oil to rebuild our dogs' health
Multi-vitamins for the same
For play time...
Used stuffed toys for rowdy fun (bagged thrift store stuffies are great)
Old soccer balls, basketballs, footballs - YES! and tennis balls, too.
Strong (long) tug ropes
Tuff toys - oh WOW do they love these. Tuff Stuff
Treadless motorcycle tires for fun tug & toss games
For our training room...
Washed dog beds for quiet time
Cleaning supplies: Nature's Miracle for those inevitable accidents!
Healthy training treats (liver treats, Natural Balance loaf, etc)
Handsome 16"-22" collars to look pretty for dog shoppers

Please send items to:
BAD RAP Ambassadog Program
c/o Oakland Animal Services
1101 29th Street Oakland 94601

Or, let us know where we can pick up your donation.
Thank you, Thank you!!

BELOW: Bob, Harley and Piget have a great play date with a ... Goose? heh. (btw, we don't recommend tug games between all dogs. Know your dogs' limits! More info)


Anonymous said...

do you guys ever need kongs?

Donna said...

we're actually good for kongs right now, anon. but short on things to stuff inside them.

thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was adorable...Piglet falling off the porch was priceless. Poor goose.

How about those Iams Dental Chews...I have three boxes of those I bought after one of our local pet supplies shut down. If you can't use them, I can donate to our Sac city shelter.

I did grab some great heavy duty tennis ball tugs at their closing sale, I'll drop off on Saturday.


Donna said...

Dental chews - Yum! They'll be gobbled up. Thanks for those goodies + the balls, Becky. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like seeing 3 dawgs having a big time with a pull/chew/destroy toy! I'll search around for some goodies to send for the Holidays! Thanks for all you do for all the dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna!

Thanks for the list! If I am not too late, my friend bought Osa and Tonka a stuffed York peppermint patty at Walgreen's for $2! I will try to go by there before Saturday and grab a bunch for the pups. They even have squeekers in them. Can't beat that for $2, since they are just going to demolish them anyhow! I will try and bring you some stuff this Saturday, if not each Saturday till Christmas! I LOVE dog shopping because I am a huge dog dork!


Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the goose. We had a goose at our house. He didn't last very long either. Keep up the good work. You guys are such an inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to send stuff to put in the Kongs, does the liver paste work?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We have a big kong for our Pit "Peaty", and we stuffed a smaller kong inside of it just for the joy of watching him trying to get it out!!!