Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bob 4 Obama

Dr. Mr. President Elect

Thank you for being brave and steady and for persevering in your goal to lead our country. You give us hope that we didn't know we were allowed to have anymore.

There are a million things the world will demand that you fix. And your choice of dog is pretty darn trivial compared to the mammoth decisions you'll soon be called to make. But, as keepers of some of the nicest dogs in this great country, we respectfully submit for your consideration:

Bob. Bob the Dog.

Not the bouncy puppy you imagined. Better.

Young Bob - short haired low-allergen Bob - is a symbol of the Real America that's been lost in this age of bad clich├ęs (lipstick? please) and hurtful biases. He's sensitive and resilient and kind and he's an eternal optimist. And he's good as gold - the kind of dog that will adore your children and charm your distinguished guests and tender your heart as you morph into the untouchable president that you need to be.

No doubt you'd encounter mountains of outrage for selecting a dog that looks like Bob. But we have a feeling that you'd weather that just fine, and even turn Bob's story around to illustrate a new world's vision to everyone: Prejudice is obsolete. Good hearts rule and a true friend's loyalty is ultimately more important than a fluffy photo op.

If we could give you anything that would help you and your family with the trials ahead, it would be Bob. Truly. But whichever type of pet you end up with, we hope he brings you a sense of peace and calm and HOME as only a good dog can.

Our best to you, Mr. President.
Bob's devoted caretakers.


Anonymous said...

I love it!
Yay Bob.
It`s time.

Caveat said...

Yup. I said something similar a couple of days ago. The ONLY breed for the Obamas is an American Pit Bull terrier.

How about some of those nifty postcards, Donna?

Burton said...

Great letter Donna! Wouldn't that be great if the Obama's brought Bob to 1600?


Nancy said...

I could just hug you Bob!
It would speak volumes if Bob was adopted by the Obama family.

Hey nothing is impossible!

Anonymous said...

OH my god i love Bob. I am working on convincing the DH that we need to add him as the male to our pack but I guess if the president elect decides he wants him I could handle that.

Anonymous said...

ooh...a postcard campaign! Perfect!
Incidentally, I'm not seeing any calls to ban Scottish Terriers after George Bush's Barney attacked a reporter last week...

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's the best idea EVER! We need a Pibble in the White House again. It has been too long.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I was just thinking yesterday about how perfect Bob the Dog would be for the Obamas. I think this calls for a petition.

Anonymous said...

This is great...I actually came your website today to suggest starting a campaign to get a pittie into the white house. Wouldnt that be AWESOME!!

We can all dream right?....


Kirsten said...

He gets my vote. Go, Bob!!

gavin said...


Unknown said...

What a great letter Donna, I lift my hat and glass to you! In Bob's eyes I see a gente soul, he sounds like perfect bully for the Obamas.
I also wrote to our new President an his family & have asked them to adopt a bully in a
Group Card,
Keping my fingers crossed!

Unknown said...

What a great letter Donna, I lift my hat and glass to you! In Bob's eyes I see a gente soul, what a sweet bully for the Obama's girls.
I also wrote to our new President an his family & in a
Group Card that was started by HSUS I have asked them to adopt a bully, the delivery date is Nov 21'08. Please sign up, Go Bullys!
Keepping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Roo Yori would consider doing a similar video with BOB

This IS America`s dog!

Anonymous said...

Here, here! Let's get a bully in the White House! (And I don't mean Dick Cheney.)

Unknown said...

San Diego misses Bob already (especially his gf Julie!) but we are hopeful he will soon be... Bob Obama "FIRST DOG" !! Good luck Bob and great post :)

Melrose said...

I dream of the day there is a bully in the whitehouse!!! What a fantastic letter, and Bob certainly looks like the dog for the job.

Anonymous said...

Go Bob!!! It would be awesome for a pitbull to be the First Dog!!! It would definately shut up all the pitbull haters out there!!!

Jonny Justice said...

Please tell the Obama's why Bob should be thier dog. Here is how to contact them:

Thoughts said...

GREAT post! Now if only you could get the Obama family to read it and adopt Bob! Can you imagine? That would be awesome!! Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Could Jonny or someone equally famous get a meeting with the First Lady(Elect)?
Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who knows the Obama family?
Even if they would acknowledge Bob(even if they can`t adopt him) it would be great.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea; I love Bob! However, and it's a big HOWEVER,I think the Obamas should be allowed to choose their own dog. It is such a personal decision and this is their first dog. We all know there is some type of chemistry that goes on when you choose a dog to take home. I'm happy enough to know that they are choosing to adopt one. So, while there is nothing wrong with some gentle suggesting a pitbull to them for all the breed's good qualities,I think we bully fans have to contain our enthusiasm just a little bit and not pressure the first family into getting a dog that might not suit their personal taste/life style. But boy-oh-boy, if they ever did choose a bully for the White House what a great day it would be for promoting our dogs as great family dogs, which they absolutely are! (One caveat --one of my friends has long been involved in Scottie rescue and saw the breed rise in popularity when one came to live at the White House. Scotties can be tough little dogs to manage and not a breed for everyone. Would hate to see even more bullies end up homeless as a result of them becoming the "breed du jour." People can be so impulsive, not to mention selfish and downright cruel. Sorry if I rambled on too much.

Donna said...

Point taken, anon.

The trade-off of creating more social acceptance for our much maligned pit bulls is that they become more popular with the wrong types of homes. Although to be honest, I can't imagine them becoming even more popular than they already are. If we had good numbers, I'd be willing to bet that they were one of the top five most popular breeds right now. Endorsing them for the more stable, responsible homes is one of our only antidotes to the horrendous damage that's being done by irresponsible homes.

We wouldn't give Bush a pit bull to save our life, but Obama does have a good sense of personal responsibility. Yep -- he can have Bob, if someone doesn't grab him first.

He might be a pit bull, but above and beyond his breed, he's a damn nice DOG -- and every family deserves that, no matter what their address is!

dreameyce said...

I really hope the Obama family reads this. I think that the snorty, waggy tail, snuggly love of a Pitty is just what the Obamas need!

Unknown said...

Obama keeps givng us HOPE!
did you watch the ABC "A Barbara Walters Special: where Barack and Michelle Obama were interviewed?
"Obama got another suggestion during his sit-down with Walters, who suggested he get a dog like her Cha Cha, a small breed known as a Havanese.

Obama was immediately skeptical.
"But it's like a little yappy dog," the president-elect said.
"Don't criticize," a laughing future first lady Michelle Obama urged.
"It like sits in your lap and things?" Obama asked. "It sounds like a girly dog."
His wife reminded Obama, "We're girls. We have a houseful of girls."
Making an executive decision, Obama announced, "Well, we're going to have a big rambunctious dog of some kind." "
Donna its sounds like Bob, now has an even BETTER chance! Keeping my paws/fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Gwen(the human) and Turk,Amber,Sandi,Emily & the 9 kitties we live with in HERCULES, CA say:
YAY! We totally agree that it would be great if a Pittie goes to WDC...hopefully at least the Obamas now know that there are great people with great dogs and not the stereotype that we all fight everyday...thanks again! Oh, I saved the address to my address book and will send our comments as well (and anon, great points you bring up, but because of what happened to these wonderful dogs last time they were fashionable, maybe the shelters will be careful in adopting them out-we can hope, right?)

Ann, havanese training expert said...

I admire Obama's love for dogs. It's a small trait but it's a solid proof of him being a good role model. :)