Friday, November 28, 2008

BAD RAP Gossip

In a new pending home tonight: Once adopted, then bounced back due to a move to Australia: Roller! ... Dogs that are one step away from going home: Kinzie, Harley, Jelly Roll Jones ... Now in a new foster home: Squeeks ... Now being courted by new applicants: Grace, Piglet (fingers crossed) ...

.... Still waiting to be claimed by Obama or other ... Bob the Dog (above). Bob is living at the Oakland Animal Services as part of BR's Ambassadog Project.

Other gossip... BR's Vick dogs will be in a major publication in time for Christmas. Good stocking stuffers for the dog fans in your circles. And, Jonny Justice is about to make an appearance on a popular show. Stay tuned for juicy details.


Kirsten said...

All good tidings. :)
And please let us know when that Shelter Sweets calendar is ready. I'm gonna get me one of those.

Anonymous said...

Yay! It appears most all of the Ambassadogs are finding homes for the holidays! Awesome!
Now I have something to look forward to from Santa.... the Vick dogs in the "major publication" and the "appearance on a popular show" about a hint or two, Donna??? A dog mag? A daytime show? Do tell....
How about a book on the Vick dogs' journey from their sad beginnings to "just look at them now"? With lots of photos, of course!
Thanks, as always, for being their voice, their advocate, their friend. The good works of BADRAP are truly inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Bob may be one step closer to the White House.

The President elect stated in an Interview that he doesn`t want a small yappy girlie dog.

He wants a big(relative term) rambunctious(Again relative term) dog.

He did receive a smack down from the Mrs because Barbara Walters(doing the interviewing) has a small yappy girlie dog.

Hang in there Bob,you may get a call.

Boris said...

Great Gossip .. What a kick-off for the holiday season. Especially that precious picture of Bob as a Santa's Helper.
You feel a song coming on looking into those eyes:
"Bob the red-nose pit bull had a very ..."

Santa better not get attached to him, as he sure would look good under some one's tree (not a stocking stuffer like JJ).

Thanks for helping us get in the mood.

I'll check-back on Bob & the gang, Boris-Blixem

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna,
What about Joker?
Do Tell!

Donna said...

Joker's people want to stay anon, anon. He hasn't strayed too far from the pack tho.'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Joker, I absolutely a-d-o-r-e-d his (her??) video with the Steve Miller song!!!!

Donna said...

Thanks...The only artist who could tell that dog's story right is Steve Miller. Joker owns my heart in a BIG way.

Anonymous said...

Exciting news. It looks like you will be able to go pibble shopping soon :)