Friday, September 05, 2008

Where the Party is this weekend!

We hear tell that some very famous BR dogs are going to be out and about at two separate events this weekend in the bay area.

1. Doc's Clocks in San Francisco will be holding a fundraiser this Saturday, Sept 6 from 4-8pm. One half of the bar proceeds will benefit BAD RAP. WOOF! Organizer Carey even organized a silent auction to help buy extra good stuff for BR's dogs. Thank you Carey!

2. And all weekend long, BR dogs and their advocates will be at the Bay Area Pet Fair and Adoptathon at the Marin Center in San Rafael. Please stop by and talk pit bull with the gang.


Anonymous said...

How did this go?
It`s great to see people step up to help BR dogs.
And I must add that I absolutely love the pictures of the dogs(and owners) that have earned their CGC etc awards on your fame page.
I love looking at those dogs.
They are just so beautiful.
I don`t know how people can look at those faces and think those dogs are ugly.

Donna said...

Thanks for asking, anon. The party at Doc's Clocks was great! We made some new friends and everyone got to enjoy cold drinks in the summer heat while oogling Jonny Justice, Lulu and Ana Poe's famous boy Paco. How can you go wrong with that?

Big thanks to the folks at Doc's Clock for all your wonderful generosity and kindness. We look forward to future fun at this dog loving establishment.

We're off to Marin right now for the other big party. The pit bulls are definitely getting their people fix this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait till I am living in the area and can attend these events. I will need my bully fix while the girls are still in Alaska with my hubby. Two weeks and we start on the long drive!